As the digital Signage spreads into new areas every day, leaving the comfort zone of very large, multinational companies, international transportation hubs and so on, into totally new markets and venues, which might be described as Small and Medium businesses, but it is more than that… The impact of Digital Signage on business is clear, and as much as we all understand we do NOT need a mailman and paper to communicate to someone overseas (or even in the next cubical, for the same matter), it is becoming very clear that we do not need to run to a print shop in order to publish simple and effective marketing and promotion, message to our customers and visitors in our business, or even in it’s immediate surroundings.

Digital Signage Software providers understand this. We can clearly the Digital Software providers moving to cloud based solutions. Using Software as a Service, combined with the dropping price of Screens and availability of reasonable cost Broadband is exactly what these SMBs needed to start implementing Digital Signage.

The evolution continues further these days, by fast reacting Digital Signage Software providers, harnessing the power of Google Android, in their favor, casing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) to drop even further. This trend had introduced to the market a whole new ‘generation’ of Integrators, that does necessarily have to be big and nationwide spread – they can simply be there, using Hardware available at any local electronics store. These Integrators can now add Android based Digital Signage to their offerings, and with minimal effort enter an entirely new business.

Hardware and Gadgets providers are not resting, harnessing Google Android into different direction to build new ‘toys’. Some of these are not at all ‘toys’ (even if disguised as such) and can easily serve as Android Based Digital Signage players.

Android is hear, also for Digital Signage. Ding Dong(le).