Digital Signage is all about visibility. The business/site/venue owner wants his customers or audiences to know what’s ‘going on,’ and, moreover, take action and be part of local events. Digital Signage technology companies have spent significant resources to develop the next generation of Digital Signage, making it interactive, cost-effective, simple-to-use, and widely available, not only among huge companies. NoviSign has set itself a goal to bring Digital Signage to every size of business, while lowering the cost of implementation to a level that any SMB can afford, mainly by developing high-end, Android-based Digital Signage capabilities.

While developing our Android-based Digital Signage software, we realized that Android-based devices are ‘living Digital Signage components.’ Yet, when Android cell phones, tablets and mini-tablets are presented in retail stores, a small brochure (Yes, this old paper thing, would you believe it?) alongside explains to clients about the wonders of the device…

NoviSign responded immediately. Simple changes in our software configuration made the device its own showcase, dynamically showing clients its capabilities! So simple were the changes that the resulting demand actually amazed us. NoviSign has engaged with some of the biggest retailers to provide the perfect Digital showcase for the product these retailers are promoting. The device actually speaks to clients; it is dynamic, and, in a few clicks, the content can change in thousands of stores! No printing, no distribution of brochures. If a client would like to touch one of the devices, the NoviSign showcase campaign simply disappears, and the device behaves like any other device. As soon as the customer leaves the device, after a pre-configured number of seconds, the NoviSign Showcase campaign re appears.

NoviSign’s Digital Showcase – let the device work for you!