Digital Signage has been spreading throughout a large spectrum of businesses in the past few years, primarily because it is a cost-effective solution for what was once ‘preserved’ only for large (and wealthy) organizations. The main reason for reduced Digital Signage costs is the constant decrease in relevant hardware prices, mainly screens, and, no less important, the adoption of Android digital signage players. Not only simple and easy-to-use, Android digital signage players are dramatically reducing the cost of Digital Signage implementation. Some devices (like the MK800 series) are actually becoming standard Digital Signage players.

Digital Signage solutions are becoming more and more popular in the market. These solutions make it even easier to implement a digital signage project, especially for small and medium businesses (SMBs). But not only businesses are enjoying this ‘mini-revolution.’ Public and government establishments also benefit from the dramatic changes occurring in the Digital Signage industry in the past few years.

One of the main non-profit areas is education, especially high schools. Digital Signage for schools is becoming more popular, for all the above-mentioned reasons (SaaS, Android Digital Signage, simplicity) but also because this innovation seems to be the right thing for tech-savvy youth. Using old, traditional signage instead of Digital Signage seems like a prehistoric solution for high schools, from presenting school management messages to announcements of updates and social events and even interactive capabilities that enable students to participate.

Digital Signage for high school also has an educational advantage. Using Digital Signage SaaS solutions, the school management can easily delegate any number of students to be in charge of the Digital Signage content for the high school system.

Aim high – use digital signage in your high school!