NoviSign, as one of the first companies in the world that identified the almost unlimited potential of small-sized Android-based devices (also known as Android TV stick or Android Mini PC) for Digital Signage and was one of the pioneers in developing Android based Digital Signage applications, welcomes the next generation – Quad Core devices.
As a start-up company, we at NoviSign are still ‘licking our wounds’ from the challenges we faced during Digital Signage application development for the first generation (single core). Although the dual core CPU brought a new spirit, it still challenged performance-consuming widgets, such as RSS, rolling text, and HD video. Trying to run all of these widgets simultaneously required lean and efficient programming. Nonetheless, the system might freeze if users overloaded it by scheduling and broadcasting high CPU consuming creative files.
Programming and software engineering will have to remain lean and efficient, but companies like NoviSign will be able to increase their widget base and create an even richer (and smoother) user experience. The Quad Core Android TV stick is very good news for the Digital Signage industry as a whole and for NoviSign especially as we have been ‘walking down the aisle’ with Android to provide high-end Digital Signage software, keeping the cost of ownership as low as possible.
Digital Signage system integrators are already keen to learn about new capabilities in the Digital Signage software providers’ pipeline. As the gap between Android-based Digital Signage players based on an Android TV stick and the legacy PC or proprietary Digital Signage players closes, it seems like this demand to see more innovative widgets is totally reasonable.
The good news for Digital Signage users and customers is that Quad Core Android devices should allow enhanced options and great user experience, without necessitating dramatically increasing marketing overhead costs.

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