Digital Signage is a ‘reborn’ industry. What previously was a big-screen solution for finding departure counters in the airport or, if a business was very innovative, for providing digital menus, has become much more dynamic, open and exciting!

Digital Signage greatly owes its ‘reborn’ status to Android-based devices. These devices not only significantly reduced the TCO (total cost of ownership) for Digital Signage project implementations but also allowed SMBs to enjoy capabilities that were traditionally preserved for the ‘big boys’ only.
Businesses (as always) follow hard on the heels of technology and brought with them a new spirit – offering small and medium, quickly responding operators to build a ‘signage network’ or – even better – a powerful local-to-local advertising company!

Companies like NoviSign are providing a simple-to-use, SaaS (cloud)-based CMS (content management system) that can be deployed through Android-based devices that serve as Digital Signage players to multiple screens at a given location. The location can be physical – neighborhood or university, for example – or virtual – a chain of coffee shops, medical waiting rooms, etc. The NoviSign application enables fast responding entrepreneurs to become the owners of their own advertising networks.
But what if one doesn’t need both a screen and a device? Is there a combined device – like the Tablet, for example?

We, at NoviSign Digital Signage SIs (System Integrator), realized that the reduced prices of Android tablets provide a great opportunity. They enable us to simplify the deployment of networks even more. We call it “Tablet Signage.” Tablet Signage combines what this industry loves most – reducing cost, innovating, and simplifying implementation. Tablet Signage networks, using the supporting software of companies like NoviSign that provide high-end players for modern Android devices, together with strong SaaS-based management capabilities, are exactly what this market needs to keep growing.
The new kid on the block is here, and he’s not afraid to start a fight with the old ‘big boys!’

Next, we’ll discuss mini-Tablet Signage, another extension of traditional Digital Signage.