NoviSign management console

Being able to easily see when each software license was activated and when it expires is critical. To help make this process easier, we’ve added two columns to the management console; Start & Expires. When logging into the NoviSign Management Console you will know be able to:

  • View the high-level statuses of all licenses
  • See the start and expiration dates of licenses
  • Understand when each license needs to be renewed

What is the Management Console?

NoviSign’s Management Console is a back-end admin portal that is included with 20 licenses or more with NoviSign. Using the Management Console you can:

  • Create and manage users
  • Setup shared user accounts
  • Assign licenses to users
  • Assign specific templates with users
  • Set permissions and access level per user
  • Set user audits
  • Access all accounts
  • Allocate cloud-storage per user