Get a whole signage equipment for 279 USD!
Look at the photo: for 279 USD, you can buy (in the U.S.A.) a smart LG TV of 43″ for merely 279 USD. Is that real or not?
Now, when we have a digital signage app for webOS (LG smart TV’s operating system), you can buy the LG smart TV (the professional model line only) as an all-in-one device (TV display and built-in signage device), connect internet (WiFi or Ethernet cable), install our webOS signage app and your digital signage is ready to go!

webOS LG smart TV 43 inchwebOS LG smart TV 43 inchwebOS LG smart TV 43 inch

Please notice that our LG webOS digital signage software app has still partial functionality (vs. our Android, Windows, ChromeOS and Air apps), but unlike all the other apps, this one can show you, within a widget, live TV from any HDMI input to the LG TV. Imagine that. Sorry, no need to imagine, it’s already there.