As the Android operating system is becoming more and more popular it is exceeding the original boundaries of call phone/smartphone OS, it is gradually spreading into new areas, one of them is digital signage.

Android digital signage is not new. It is around for more than 3 years and it is steadily growing to become one of the most important platforms for digital signage, especially for SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses).

Smart TVs and mega tablets (Android TV) that use Android as their operating system are becoming very popular and are also adopted by the digital signage industry as a simple, standard, cost effective and easy to implement for information broadcast channels. These Android based channels have opened a new line of business for the early adopters around the globe!

This new line of business has many names: Android narrow TV, Android Channel, Android broadcast and few others, but the basic idea remains the same – anyone can build his own TV channel!
Some will do it internally for their own employees (office communication), some will do it for marketing, entertainment and information (infotainment) for the visitors/clients of their business, and others – will build their own business around these capabilities – the technology is ready, it is standard Android (no need to learn or teach new OS), the prices of Android based TVs are dropping and SMBs are always looking for new ways for communicate with their clients – from this point – the success of these new businesses is all about the service they can provide to their customers.

Building a private ‘TV channel’ based on Android devices and cloud based CMS is changing the face of the traditional digital signage industry – from a market dominated by huge corporate, IT specialists and ‘heavy’ installations into light, cloud based, standard and low cost solutions provided by small partners to end customers based on modern IT technology!

Build your own Android TV channel (or call your local partner to do it for you) – you’ll be surprised how simple it is!