Even the right thing must be done correctly, as Gandhi once said, “You have to do the right thing.” This phrase applies to Digital Signage as much as anything else, but it is probably a bit more relevant regarding Digital Signage for small and medium businesses (SMBs), as implementation for these SMBs only began in the past 2-3 years, and is often considered an industry in ‘diapers’ …

Most likely, there is no one cookbook for Digital Signage correct implementation, but there are certainly ways to do it better than simply setting up a screen and feeding it with slides.

One of the important guidelines is finding the right location. The screen should be visible (The wiring should not :-)) and if it is in an open location or facing a window, make sure the Digital Signage is not ‘fading away’ at certain hours of the day due to the sun. It is also recommended to set the display screen in an unreachable spot to avoid vandalism.

The content should look professional! This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use professional designs each time you need to update you campaign. Some Digital Signage software providers are offering Digital Signage editors as part of their package where you can find basic templates that everyone (even with limited design skills) can mix and match to create his own perfectly looking and professional Digital Signage campaign. Do not settle for less.

The content should also ‘catch the eye.’ Simple and static content are not enough. Most Digital Signage editors provide an ability to split the screen, which is mandatory for adding a business logo and additional related info (best, in scrolling text), but also enable splitting the screen to a static images ‘slideshow’ on one part and a video (locally loaded or YouTube direct feed or playlist of videos). This combination can serve both as a promotion and educational tool for the customer, for example: how to efficiently use one of the products we offer.

There are probably many more tips on ‘how to do it right.’ Please respond and share your tips with us. The main message is simple, you made the right choice – implementing Digital Signage – now think about what is the best way to do it right!