It happens to all of us from time to time, you think you are on something and you feel very good with yourself, until you realize, that not only that someone thought about it, there is even a wiki page for it… After few sad moments I simply decided that I’m still happy with that and the fact that I’ve thought about something that already exists simply means it is a good idea to begin with…:-)
Digital Signage - Infortainment
Well, I probably made you curious… There it goes – I simply realized that broadcast on digital media (screens) is usually for entertainment, while the content on the traditional signs is mostly simply informational type. The combination of Digital and Signage ( is therefore a combination of Information and Entertainment = Infotainment (and yes, there is a wiki page for it:

So what now, after realizing that I’m not the first to combine the information and entertainment into Infotainment? I still think it is a great concept and as a professional with 20 years in the IT business and the last 5 in the digital signage business, I completely sure the best platform for Infotainment, especially for small and medium organizations is Android based digital signage!

The ability to combine valuable information at the right time at the right place (digital signage is clearly a location based service) together with entertaining content is simply the best thing that SMB manager/owner can invest in. The prices of Android based digital signage solution had dropped significantly in the past 5 years, allowing these businesses to cost effectively provide Infotainment with embedded marketing messages. Maybe this can be called Marketinfotainment … Hey I checked – there is no Wiki for that!

Maybe I’m a genius after all…

Digital + Signage = Information and Entertainment = Infotainment. Simple equation, simple implementation.