Digital Signage is bringing a direct and clear value to a business at almost any size. We believe this is clear to everyone these days. The ‘New Generation’ of digital signage that combines interactive capabilities and social networks is becoming a critical tool for customer/visitor engagement for businesses at every domain and non-profit organization such as educational institutions and public places.

While every digital signage implementation is different and every customer has his own special needs, we can probably define some essential criteria for comparison:

  • Pricing and payments: price per player, price per feature, payment flexibly (annual, monthly, local hosting), payment method (bank transfer, Paypal, etc.)
  • Simplicity of implementation and operation: required specialists, online training, simplicity of the player, simplicity of CMS
  • Supporting H/W and operating systems: Android, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Special H/W demands
  • Support and services: Ability to influence the roadmap, development agility, support (online, phone, person on-site), professional services
  • Features: basic (text, images, videos, screen allocation, preview, rolling text), widgets (clock, countdown, weather, etc.), live feeds (RSS, YouTube, etc.), social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Yammer, etc.), interactive (gaming, polls, coupons)

It is clear that the weight of each of element mentioned above differs between projects and customers and the ideal combination will always be challenging. Having said that, we, at NoviSign, strive to bring the best money value for our customers.

We took 10 companies that have online digital signage which can run on Chrome OS (the hottest thing in the digital signage these days). We checked their website for pricing and features on the 28th of January 2016. Below is what we have discovered.

Price per Month/Year (USD)Payment TermsOS Player SupportSocial WidgetsFree Support
NoviSign20$ / 216$monthly/annualAndroid, Windows, Chrome OSyesmail & phone
Company 1N/A / 270$annual onlyWindows, Chrome OSnomail & chat
Company 2N/A / 349$annual onlyWindows, Chrome OSnophone only
Company 339$ / 468$monthly/annualAndroid, Chrome OSnomail only
Company 4139$ / 1668$monthly/annualAndroid, Chrome OSnomail & phone
Company 5159$ / 1716$monthly/annualAndroid, Windows, Chrome OSyesmail only
Company 6?no pricing info on the websiteChrome OSno?
Company 7?no pricing info on the websiteAndroid, Windows, Chrome OSno?
Company 8?no pricing info on the websiteChrome OSno?
Company 9?no pricing info on the websiteWindows, Chrome OSnoyes
Company 10?no pricing info on the websiteChrome OS??

Companies’ sites which were visited: Nutrislice, Enplug, Signage Live, WonderSign, HyperSign, Arreya, Stratos Media, Ayuda, 11 Giraffes, Skykit and Industry Weapon (the order of the companies listed here is not correlating to the table above).
There are lots of vendors that provide truly effective solutions for digital signage implementation, ranging from free, to hundreds of dollars per device per month.
Digital signage software pricing
The variety of features is quite impressive, though not many allow their customers to influence the future road map or offering professional services, including custom development.

Simplicity is a key factor, mainly for SMBs, while rich content and widgets are more important for larger customers. Social and interactive capabilities are rare in the market and considered to be highly innovative – showing great results for customer engagement.

We sincerely hope that the table will be helpful for whoever is set on staring digital signage project.
Good luck, we are here to support you!

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