The traditional world of digital signage focused in the past primarily in advertising and commercials. Recently, we can see a new sector that is growing and developing in the digital signage industry and focusing at information screens for organizations and institutions, while we see a significant growth in the area of education.

Today’s generation is always around screens such as smartphones, tablets and computers, which makes the traditional media world, that is built on texts and written on paper, to be outdated and irrelevant for them. In addition, they are used to consume the latest information at any given moment. As a result, educational institutions around the world are slowly realizing that ‘if they can’t beat them, they should join them’ and they are starting in a process of renewing the way they transmit information.

NoviSign offers to upgrade the learning experience by adding informative and interactive screens, allowing to publish and convey information quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. Upcoming events, campus news, welcome notices, schedule changes, online votes and career services are only a small part of the things you can publish on your screens and update them from anywhere at any time you want.

NoviSign company main goal is to keep everything as simple as possible, especially when we talk about school’s stuff that is not necessarily come with technical knowledge. Therefore, we offer simple-to-operate studio and a library of education templates. In addition, NoviSign unique player can work on any screen that is connected to a device that supports Android, Windows or Chrome OS,  so you can use screens you already have.