We decided that we wanted to give you all the tools and services you need in order to create an unforgettable event using our live social walls!

The new Live Social Walls Package offers more. It provides all the services you need to use our live social walls feature: preparation before the event, operation and support for the live social walls feature during the celebration and a summary of the occasion after its conclusion:

NoviSign’s live social walls let you present a live, dynamic slide show of the pictures of the people taking part in your event. And not just any picture – the pictures and statuses that they have uploaded to their social media accounts. All they need to do is snap a picture of themselves having a great time, upload it with the designated hashtag, and their pictures are shown on your event’s screen.

NoviSign’s live social walls can be used for all types of events: for organized festivals, weddings, performances, parties, proms, concerts,
conferences, contests and more. All that is needed is to place screens at your venue, design your content online and you’re ready to go.

NoviSign ProductionNoviSign Production

The exclusive Live Social Walls Package includes:

Before the event:

  1. Set users and license to use the software before and during the event
  1. Perform training on NoviSign Digital Signage software
  1. Plan session with the customer’s event managers (widgets, hashtags, playlists, content, promotion, PR’s, scheduling)
  1. Design and implement screens and playlist for the events
  1. Work with convention center and marketing team to support the necessary implementations (screens, players, power, and network)
  1. Design postcards inviting people to participate


During the event (NoviSign provides):

  1. A producer in the field on the day of the event  
  1. A field team to distribute postcards and invite people to participate
  1. Technical support during the event


After the event (The package includes):

  1. A video clip that summarizes the activity
  1. Help with data analysis of participation in the event


Please contact us with any questions by email or phone.