Why do organizations need internal communication on screens? Why do companies invest in digital signage, simply for corporate internal messaging and information share between management, employees and different departments? The answer might be surprising, yet simple…

Because, no one reads e-mail anymore!

What is the relevancy, one may ask? It is relevant, since till recently, the internal communication in organizations was done by simply sending a mail to all employees. But this stopped being effective. Due to the overload of mails at workplace, most people learned how to filter the less important, or at least the less immediate mails and internal communication mails, easily fall under the category of less important and certainly not immediate. The management had to find different ways to engage the people.

Using a dedicated internal communication software, it has become very simple to implement digital signage for this main purpose – communicate with the employees at the work place, share experience, ideas, information, news and funny stuff, HR messages, personal notifications and even live feeds from social networks. The TV screens can also present company profile, status, sales, achievements, challenges and policy.

Internal communications signage - no email

Corporate communication on big screens left the local PC and became public, no one can ignore this content and if properly presented – no one wants to miss it.

No one reads email any more – that is true, but everyone will look on the screen if it is there on the way to the meeting room, rest rooms, exit or any other place. If the internal communication screens present an appealing content, it will catch the employee’s attention.

As mentioned before, corporate communications social media can be easily embedded into the play list on the screens, making the workplace better ‘connected’ to the employees.

Digital signage software is serving the internal communication needs.