We have heard long discussions about Digital Signage becoming an integral part of commercial venues, leaving the comfort zone of ultra large and rich corporate/government facilities and spreading into SMBs (small and medium businesses), and changing local-to-local advertising and promotion-available options for any size of business. This process has been going on for close to a decade.

A more recent trend in the Digital Signage domain is Interactive Digital Signage, which mostly refers to physical interaction between a human and a screen, using standard ‘touch screen’ capabilities. I believe it is time to introduce a different technology for Interactive Digital Signage that we cannot even call a ‘trend’ since it is highly innovative and has not spread beyond company labs. The formal technical name is SSI, and it stands for Screen-Smart device Interaction.

This technology enables SMBs to present an interactive activity, using the existing Digital Signage platform, to visitors in their venue, with smartphones interacting with the screens. Screen-Smart device Interaction (SSI) has opened a whole new set of options for combining a fun activity with direct sales promotions: polls, quizzes,  games, live social widgets or even coupons awarded to the winner who correctly answers a quiz.

Screen-Smart device Interaction will also come in very handy in educational institutions and conventions. Just imagine how easy and simple (and cool!) it would be if the audience could answer questions presented on the screen, using their own smart devices.

Screen-Smart device Interaction technology is opening the door for endless options, and most of them, as often happens with new technologies, are still in the minds of people who will become its early adopters.

Screen-Smart device Interaction – connecting devices and people.