Reasons to use digital signage

If used correctly digital signage will unify your entire organization’s visual communications strategy. With digital signage software, you can change the information and content within minutes and sent to any number of screens, from any computer, at any time. Start using digital signage today to begin engaging with and reaching your targeted audience!

  1. Improve experiences with wayfinding kiosks and digital directories by displaying facility maps
  2. Share on-demand internal communications and news in real-time
  3. Display KPIs, data, charts, goals to drive productivity
  4. Send emergency alerts to a single screen, groups, or all your screens in one click
  5. Drive employee engagement while improving morale with employee recognition
  6. Upsell services, advertise upcoming sales and promote products with retail digital signage
  7. Educate and inform guests with company information and event listings
  8. Add virtual queue’s with mobile notifications for reducing perceived wait time
  9. Sync your Outlook & Google calendar to auto-display events and schedules
  10. Become eco-friendly and eliminate the need for printed signage
  11. Grab attention and create immersive experiences with touch screen info-kiosks
  12. Welcome guests with personalized greetings and messages
  13. Customize the content of each screen around the target viewing audience
  14. Incorporate common file formats: PowerPoints, JPEGs, MP4 Videos and more
  15. Show multiple zones of information all on the screen; news feeds, weather, images, etc.
  16. Preschedule specific notifications to play on particular days and times
  17. Create sub-user accounts so other staff members can easily update content
  18. Remotely monitor all screens, playlist status and run proof-of-play reports
  19. Make on-the-fly updates and instantly send them to screen(s)
  20. Easily create new content from scratch or customize from templates
  21. Add live social media streams from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  22. Share the perfect message at the right time on any screen


Digital signage is an effective and engaging tool for improving the way you communicate. From being able to easily broadcast notifications to creating interactive kiosks that display multiple layers of content digital signage is your total solution for visual communications.

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