Digital Signage for medical clinics – a healthy idea

We are witnessing a constant growth in Digital Signage implementation across the world in numerous types of businesses. One of the fastest growing vertical are medical clinic digital signage and other medical venues (such as hospitals, dental cares and many more). Patients and their families are reaching these places and most certainly a long wait is expected. Yes, there are magazines and sometimes even a TV (morning shows, who cares?) but in many aspects, the audience is what the marketing experts call ‘captive audience’…

This is exactly the time to produce high-quality content and use Digital Signage as a virtual Private TV network. Use medical clinic digital signage for both for entertainment & fun (YouTube content), display useful information (such as news, weather, sports) and marketing content.

Using NoviSign Digital Signage Software, you can then manage all content – Digital Signage as Content Management System (CMS). Recently, we can see a new spectrum of interactive options offered by Digital Signage software providers. The interactive capabilities allow the visitors to connect to the Digital Signage Screens, using SSI technology (Screen-Smart Device Interaction). The visitors can answer a poll, provide feedback, or even play a game, against another visitor in the same venue. This makes the waiting experience much more bearable

SSI comes especially handy in hospitals, allowing the Hospitals use their WiFi combined with Digital Signage network to communicate with their patients in the rooms, get immediate feedback, use the information to improve and personalize the service.

Although SSI is a very new technology, the simplicity of the implementation and the fact it works on the existing Digital Signage and Smart devices Infrastructure makes it very popular and fast adopted.

Using Digital Signage advanced capabilities in Clinics and other medical venues are one of the healthiest decisions you will make! Medical clinic digital signage a smart move to make for creating better patient experiences.


About NoviSign Digital Signage

NoviSign is known for RELIABILITY & EASE OF USE! Includes over 20 drag-and-drop widgets; HD videos, dynamic slideshows, weather, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, RSS, virtual queue, website integration, interactive polls and more. NoviSign also includes a complete real-time monitoring dashboard for easy tracking of screens/media players. Proof play reports, live online connectivity and more.

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