Digital Signage has entered the malls in the last few years. The penetration is still low, but it is certainly a growing trend, and it seems like mall owners understand the power of internal advertising and sales promotion based on screens instead of printed ads.

But have the mall owners and managers implemented Digital Signage for malls to its full extent?

In my humble opinion – not even close!

The most sophisticated usage of Digital Signage for malls is a combination of touch screen and Digital Signage.

Paying the rent should also provide stores marketing tools from mall management. Putting ads on walls is good, but the 21st century allows us to do more, much more. One of the best options for malls is implementing DDS (Dynamic Digital Signage). The theory behind Dynamic Digital Signage is that implementation of Digital Signage, combined with the ability of controlling content ‘close to real-time’ and of creating ad-hoc partnerships with other businesses, will bring Digital Signage for malls to its best effectiveness.

The mall’s management should distribute several screens in the mall premises, from the parking lot through the shopping area up to the food court. The broadcast time should be divided by ‘time slots’ (perhaps 12 slots of 10 seconds in two minute cycles). The mall’s management should allow businesses in the mall to ‘buy’ these slots (unless the mall prefers this to be a free-of-charge service; then a justified rotation would be the solution). The main advantage is that the campaign or message for each business can change dynamically. The shoe store promotes a newly arrived collection, while the sushi bar presents a new menu. But think further: the children’s fashion stores might offer a free entry to the Gymboree, if you purchase more than $50 worth of clothes.

Implementation of Digital Signage for malls has never been simpler. Using Android-based Digital Signage players and SaaS Content Management Systems is making it one of the best investments a mall can make for increasing business activity.

Digital Signage for malls – don’t get stuck doing ‘mall of the same.’