There is no doubt that Digital Signage is here to stay, as it gradually replaces the traditional tin signs. That alone has the potential of Billions of digital signage installation across the world. But have you thought that, in addition to the other advanced features digital signage brings, it can replace the old cork board? or even the local billboard?

As We discussed in previous blogs, Digital Signage has left the old ‘comfort zone’ of large corporate, multinational companies, global banks, airports and transportation hubs, and rapidly sinking into the awareness of small and Medium business, and even other organization that are not business – like Digital Signage for Synagogue that we can spot as the next generation of Social Network for the Community gathered around Synagogues.

There is no dispute about the community nature and the social bound of the visitors (mainly the regular, and they are the majority) of a Synagogue. This is true in Israel, but no less (and some will say even more) outside of Israel. How can digital Signage for Synagogue enhance this? Is the Digital Signage for Synagogue different than implementing it in the neighborhood’s local laundromat or barber?

In addition to the Traditional advantage the Synagogue can gain from Digital signage like Information about prayers, scheduled events, special Holiday ceremonies and so on, we can see additional added value in Digital Signage for Synagogue in the shape of ‘Socialization’. Invitation for Bar-Mizva on Saturday, Pictures from the celebration of new Tora, Bible quiz in the nearby school, sponsored by the Synagogue and pictures from the Hanuka festive Candle lighting. From outside the Synagogue the digital Signage allows flexibility of adding commercial ads, pointing to the relevant focused market – the Synagogue visitors.

Well, it is probably not Holy Signage, but Digital Signage for Synagogue can bring additional value to the community.