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7 Tricks for Creating Killer Digital Signage Content

Digital signage content is the key to effective digital signage. But it’s often the most overlooked aspect. Let’s look at like this, have you ever heard of a mom or dad calling their baby ugly. Of course not! It’s their pride and joy. 

The same goes for digital signage content creation. You’ve spent hours creating your digital signage content, and once that it’s up on the screen, your full of joy. But really… how charming and visually appealing is your digital signage content?

Let’s now get into the details.

We’re now going to cover the 7 tricks to creating compelling and persuasive digital signage content.

1. Your Audience

Knowing who your target viewing audience will be is critical. The first step to accomplishing this is to outline what your goals are; in other words, what are you looking to accomplish using digital signage — the easiest way to achieve this to describe your goals in a list. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your goals, you can then determine where the screens are going to be installed.

Then comes the fun part…

2. Creating an outline

Once you’ve created a list of goals, start brainstorming on what types of media you can incorporate into your digital signage content. This could be videos, images, slideshows, charts or scrolling tickers. Remember, the beauty of digital signage is the beauty to display multiple zones of information media all at once. 

3. Creating your first design

Keep it simple and to the point. Yes, with digital signage, you can display many zones, but remember that the more you have going on can be visually distracting.   

4. Compelling digital signage content

If you’re struggling with creating beautiful slides, finding images or videos for your digital signage content, consider checking out:

CANVA: free online graphics studio that comes with thousands of templates that you can use. All the items you create can be saved as a PNG and imported into your digital signage content.

Google Slides: create a slideshow with Google Slides for digital signage and integrate them into your digital signage content. When you make changes to your slides, it will auto-sync with the digital signage screens.

YouTube: for free videos, there is no place better than YouTube. Consider incorporating videos or playlists of videos from YouTube into your digital signage content. Connect your companies channel or play individual videos or videos.

Unsplash: for beautiful and stunning images, photography or backgrounds, check out Unsplash. All media is free to download and can be used without royalties in commercial applications.

Text tickers: scrolling text tickers are a great way to grab attention while emphasizing key announcements and news.

Social media streams: keep your content fresh while driving awareness to your organization’s social channels by adding Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to your digital signage content. 

5. Testing

Once you have your digital signage content done and displaying on the screens, your job is not done. Ask around and get feedback. Learn what people think of the layout and if the content is useful.

Remember, if it doesn’t appeal to the public, then the screens will go unseen and you won’t see a return on your investment and objective.

6. Fine-tuning

If you received a failing grade on your digital signage content, consider adjusting the layout, text size and colors. 

When it comes down to the layout, look at what you have on the screen and look at removing some of the zones that are not as relevant or extra, examples could be the date and time or weather forecast. Explore resizing the more relevant zones of content, so they are more relevant and more comfortable to see.

For text, make sure your header text is always large and bold, with the subtext slightly smaller. 

7. Repeat

Once again, publish your digital signage content and get feedback. Yes, this process can be time-consuming, but it is a must. If you effective digital signage content, then you must always be improving and finding out what keeps your viewers engaged.   


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