Welcome to the NoviSign Screen-Smart Device Interaction (SSI) service – the Polls Dashboard. Through a number of easy steps, you can set up an interactive poll with your customers on their smart devices that will aid in promoting your business

To create a poll, you must:

  • Create a user
  • Log in with your new user name
  • Create a new activity. This includes the questions you wish to pose to your customers
  • Broadcast the poll

After customers have entered your Poll account, they can participate in the poll, see the results, and, if available, be offered a discount at your establishment. Please notice that the Polls editor is not the Studio creative composer, but a separate editor.

Create User

1. Log into: http://in.novisign.com/polls/
The Login window opens

2. Click Create an account.
The Create an account window opens

3. Populate the details:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Password

4. Click Create

Good luck! You have opened an account for NoviSign Screen-Smart Device Interaction (SSI) Service.

To create the interactive poll, you must now re-enter the same Login window and enter the username and password you created.

Log in

5. Log into: http://in.novisign.com/polls/

6. Enter username and password.

The Activities window opens.

Create Activity

The Activities window is the introductory window for creating, editing, or removing your poll. In the initial activity, name the poll, and then proceed to create the questionnaire and other activities

7. Enter activity name under Add a new activity.

8. Click Add

9. Click the activity name link to edit.
The Activities window with the new name opens.

In this window, you can access the following activities:

  • Add a question – Enables adding any number of questions
  • View QR Code – Enables viewing the Quick Response (QR) code that is automatically assigned to this activity.
  • Device – This link simulates the customers’ view on the mobile device as if they were
  • scanning the QR code. It leads to the Welcome screen and afterward to the vote. After voting, the customer gets the coupon/Thank You screen.
  • Display – Enables viewing the poll.
  • Coupon – Enables viewing, loading or replacing the coupon that the customers receive after voting
  • Logo & Slogan – Upload here your logo that will be used on the initial welcome screen on the mobile device after scanning the QR code
  • Background – This is the background image for the Poll screen on the digital sign.

Descriptions of the detailed activities follow.

Add a Question

1. Click Add a Question.

The Question window opens.

1.1. To create a poll, add a question under Question.

1.2. Add two to four answers per question.

1.3. Select Save.

The Activities window is opened again.

2. To broadcast questions to customers, the questions must be activated; otherwise, they will not be displayed on the smart devices

3. To display several questions in intervals:

If you prefer to switch between different questions, select Loop between questions and set the time interval in seconds for each question to appear,

4. To edit or reset the question, select in the right-hand column.

View QR Code

1. Click View QR Code to set the QR for the login for smart devices. Print the QR and distribute in different, easily accessible spots in the venue.

2. To return to the Activities window, click Back.

For testing purpose only, select Device to simulate the user experience. In reality, this will be performed by the users, using any smart device

An example follows:

In this case, Leffe is selected. The customer gets a coupon (see No. 9 below)

The results appear on the main screen of the digital sign.

The default color is black. This can be changed or an image can fill the background. Select Background in the Activities window


To see the poll, click Display :


In the Activities window, click Coupon to upload the business coupon.

Logo & Slogan and Background

Select the additional options, Logo & Slogan and Background in the Activities band to change the look, feel, and branding for your interactive activity.

This completes all activity for setting up a poll.

Broadcast the Poll

1. Go to http://app.novisign.com/ and log in to your Studio account. You can learn more on how to use the NoviSign online signage broadcast at https://www.novisign.com/digital-signage-guide/ or just watch these two short clips:

2. Create a new Creative slide and add a Polls widget.

On the Polls widget, add the activity ID (3 – 4 digits which is in the end of the URL of the activity which you like to choose) from the polls Activities management window

3. Design your screen as you wish

4. Add this Creative to a playlist and broadcast onto a screen.

5. In the player, open the screen.

The Poll appears.

Now sit back and observe which beer is your customers’ favorite.

The polls in action

See short clip of how the NoviSign Family are using the online signage polls widget


Congratulations! You are now able to add a poll or quiz to your Digital Signage platform, using NoviSign’s SSI (Screen-Smart device Interaction) functionality. This unique capability will allow you to interact with your clients while visiting your venue, making the shopping and visit a fun activity, and gaining marketing value (coupons, branding).

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