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What is Digital Signage?

So, you are looking for digital signage? If you are looking to purchase digital signage and have questions, check out our Customer Pre-Sale FAQ. That 5-minute read article will cover the basics of what you need to get started with digital signage easily! If you are seeking to read the basics, look at our article What is digital signage?

Once Upon A Time

The past 200 years+ advertisements and information were on printed posters, brochures and other printed materials. These communications are static and only moved with the newspaper or the distributor.

Because digital signage is dynamic, offering real-time advertising and visual communication on electronic displays, the medium for sharing information has changed! Many times people refer to digital signage as TV signage or TV signage on displays.

A Brief Overview of Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a form of visual communication using electronic dynamic display (as opposed to traditional signage, using a static tin/wood/paper display).

With the aid of digital signage, you can more easily achieve your communication goals by which advertising success is measured:

  • Exposure to the advertising message by the target audience, influenced by the successful dissemination of the advertising media
  • Branding for the target audience
  • Recall of the advertising message by the target audience, directly exposed to the message
  • Support by the target audience, with a complimentary view toward your product
  • Understanding of the message
  • Influence on customer behavior toward purchasing. Digital signage is convincing

And Now Some Digital Signage Facts

Let’s now go over some statistics and how it can help organizations and business improve their bottom line:

  • Over 2/3 of business professionals report advertisements catch their attention first over other forms of media
    * Source: OTX/Seesaw
  • 63%of people say digital signage is eye catching
    * Source: OTX/Seesaw
  • 47% of viewers remember specific ads or messages on a digital sign
    * Source: Arbriton 2010
  • 19% increase in impulse purchase sales due to digital signage
    * Source: Arbriton 2010
  • 31.8% increase in overall sales volume due to digital signage
    * InfoTrends 2007
  • 35% decrease in waiting times at checkout due to digital signage
    * Source: Lavi Feild Study

The Development of Digital Signage Technologies

Digital Signage has evolved in the past two decades from a platform initially used exclusively by the larger companies (McDonald’s) and large government venues (airports, transportation hubs, etc.) into a common way to communicate with visitors and customers. The major turnaround, due to several trends, occurred in the last two-three years.

Where is Digital Signage being used today?

Digital signage is found today in stores, restaurants, corporate buildings, breakrooms, factory floors, supermarkets, hair salons, hotels, banks, elevators and airports. In essence, it can be found anywhere where transmitting information is essential, whether for advertising or news or the benefit of clientele.

Digital signage is implemented in the store or public area by installing display monitors, enabling changing the content using remote management via digital signage software. The dynamic nature of the screen content and keeping it up-to-date is virtual without cost. Today, digital signs is considered to be a high investment-return technology in comparison to traditional printing options.

A decrease in Digital Signage Costs

The prices of flat screens dropped (and keeps dropping) significantly and now Digital Sign software as a service (cloud-based software) is available for creating and manage content with. WiFi and broadband became available almost everywhere in the developed world. The hardware context changed: PC prices also fell, and Android-based devices, which can serve as Digital Signage players, were introduced.

These technological trends are now enabling almost any type of business and venue to implement Digital Signage and communicate with their customers and visitors without breaking tight budget constraints. The future looks even brighter and the Smart TV trend will lower the costs even further.

Straightforward and easier to get started

With no need for unique IT capabilities, using advanced editors that are cloud-based and accessible from any computer or laptop. Any size business can devise and tailor their campaigns, creating their own private ‘TV Channel’ that provides valuable information, notifications to customers and promotion of sales.

NoviSign’s platform enables resellers to easily implement the ‘white label’ program, encouraging them to start their own Digital sign business, using NoviSign as a software provider and offering local customers additional services (installation, campaign management, extended support, creative build, etc.) at a lovely cost.

What types of TV’s can I use for digital signage?

Let’s now go over what you need to get started with digital signage. To get going, you can use an existing TV or purchase a new one. Don’t worry about the brand or if it is a “smart TV” or not. We recommend going with 43″ or larger; this will ensure maximum viewability of your digital sign display.

How do I get my information on a digital signage display?

Connected to the TV via HDMI will be a digital sign media player. This is a small form device commonly 4″ x 4″ x 1″ in size. Once attached to the TV, you will need to connect it to the Internet via WiFi. The signage media player is what will play your digital signage on the TV. Every minute it will check for updates in the cloud, download them, then play them.

What do I need to design my messages and templates for digital signage?

To create your digital signage content and send it to the screen, you will need cloud-based digital signage software. Using digital signage software, you will design your content and set up a playlist when you want different information and templates to play.

What is cloud based digital signage?

Cloud based digital signage gives you the ability to remotely manage, update and control information that is being displayed on a digital sign from a computer or tablet. You can control an unlimited number of digital signs all from one location remotely. All that you need is access to a PC or MAC with an internet connection.

How to set up digital signage content?

Let’s now go over what you can design to display on digital signage. People often set-up slide shows of content to play and rotate through on the digital display for people looking to keep it simple. This type of digital signage is easy to set-up, and many times users can design their content using PowerPoint. Setting up signage like this is easy, and anyone can do it. The downfall to doing just slide shows is the information is static; in other words, boring.

How to maximize the effectiveness of digital signage?

To make the most out of digital signage, it is recommended to display multiple information zones on the digital sign TV. An example of this would be displaying a slideshow in one section, a scrolling news ticker on the bottom, a video playing next to the slideshow and the weather forecast in the corner. This setup visually engages due to the various content zones, plus lets you display multiple messages all at once!

What should I use to design my content for digital signage?

It is best to use an all-in-one cloud-based digital signage software to design, edit, update and manage your digital signage for efficiency. A good digital signage software allows users to set up their content and customize the layout easily.

Slideshows, videos, RSS tickers, animations, Instagram and Twitter, feeds, YouTube videos, text box zones and websites are examples of items you can display on a digital signage display.

Touch screen digital signage

Have you noticed or used touch-screen displays in businesses? Select a button and another page opens with information, videos, slideshows or media. You can also display advertisements, membership or customer loyalty forms with name, email address and birthdays.

About NoviSign Digital Signage

In digital signage, electronic displays are usually controlled by personal computers or servers—or, often, by both. With NoviSign, you won’t have to worry about complicated servers!

NoviSign’s proprietary software offers a convenient way with low capital outlay either through personal computers or Android players to create, manage and propagate your digital signage: whether for large chain stores or small shops, for small businesses or restaurants, for clinics, or hair salons- in brief, for anywhere where the need arises.