Android Digital Signage

Finally a solution to create digital signage on any Android device - Tablets, TV Boxes, smartphones and smartTV’s.

NoviSign android digital signage solution lets you create beautiful, dynamic, interactive screens in your place of business with no installations and no technical or design skills required! Click here to sign up for instant access and start broadcasting today!

How Does it Work?
Using any Android based device:
    1. Choose your own hardware player and screen
    2. Place your screen strategically in your business
    3. Download the NoviSign Android Digital Signage player app
    4. Go to the NoviSign website, sign up and create an online account with NoviSign
    5. Use our Studio to create “playlists of content” using videos, images, social streams, reviews, and more
    6. Immediately start broadcasting from any location in real-time by simply copying our player key into your Android Device on NoviSign’s app

android digital signage
Note: If using a tablet or SmartTV, just the screen is sufficient. If using an Android Box for any other screen, you must connect the box to a screen using a VGA, HDMI or RCA connection depending on the box type. Additionally, a Wireless, Mobile or LAN internet connection is required.

digital signage using android TV - google player
    * Software as a Service (SaaS)
    * Android software app
    * 1080p resolution supported
    * Landscape and portrait orientation
    * Pre-schedule alternating playlists of content
    * General Widgets: Weather, clock, shape, rolling text, rss and more
    * Social Widgets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube
    * Images, videos
    * Interactive polls, trivia and games
    * Reports to track performance, engagement and results
    * Monitoring and alerts of system health
    * Permission system for various employees to take ownership
    * Advertising serving tools

Why NoviSign?
    * We are a Very Experienced Software Company – we will make sure your Android display is running 24/7 and continuously improve it for you
    * Use your Existing Hardware – With NoviSign, use any Android-based device that suits your needs as the player for your digital signage screen
      with no proprietary hardware required – saving you hundreds of dollars Lean more in our Android tablet and Android TV box pages
    * Pioneering the Field of Android Signs – NoviSign is one of the first companies to implement a digital signage player on Android. Our system
      is the most stable on the market today giving you great performance, constant streaming and virtually no downtime
    * Simple Design “Studio” – Drag and Drop pre-fab components to create exciting, engaging content with no special skills required
    * Interactive Content – Create polls, trivia, redeemable offers, games and more to engage customers, increase visit time and spending
    * Controlled from Anywhere – Easily access and change content from any device and any location in the world
    * Works Online and Offline – Even if your internet connection is down, NoviSign’s Android player keeps playing and once the connection is
      restored, NoviSign instantly syncs with all data and refreshes the feed
    * Performance and Stability – We get the most out of your android device. Run several high-quality videos non stop with stellar performance

The short clip below guides you step by step to set up a screen for NoviSign digital signage using an Android box. In the clip, the box is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable and to the network via a LAN cable.
digital  signage google TV based player
Android OS Advantages for Digital Signage:
    * Low Cost – Readily available devices ranging from $10 – $100
    * Many Hardware Options – Tablets, Smartscreens, Android Boxes, Android stick – you choose it – NoviSign works with it
    * Simple Deployment – No technical skills or support required, DIY, plug and play

Learn more about our Digital Signage software for Android devices solution
    * To learn more about our app for the Google Android platform: Android digital signage app
    * See how NoviSign can run on any Android device: Android devices tablet/phone/TV Digital Signage
    * See a list of Android TV devices that can be used as digital signage players: Android TV box

You can start using it right now and switch to production at any time
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