Digital Signage Software

NoviSign's Digital Signage Software is easy to use and intuitive. The software allows any user, even one with very limited IT experience to create, schedule, broadcast and manage Digital Signage campaigns in just a few steps. the Software is designed in 'Layers' from the very basic Image/Video/Flash campaign, up to complex mixture of Image, video,Rolling or static text and embedded widgets (Such as: Clock, RSS and YouTube feeds, shapes, backgrounds, logos and more) providing rich environment for live and Dynamic Digital Campaign.


NoviSign provides a modern Software as a Service solution for complete digital signage. The cloud-based digital signage software is the perfect way to create and manage campaigns, as it removes backup, server management, software installation and all other IT-related ‘headaches.’ The sign-up process is simple and self explanatory. From that point, users are connected to ‘their personal’ area under the NoviSign server and can simply start managing campaigns. NoviSign provides a unique ‘White Label’ for partners, allowing them to use NoviSign as a ‘back office’ embedded in their own Web site, completely transparent to their customers, and with special partner’s rates. Please refer to the following page to learn more about our SaaS solutions.

NoviSign Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage Software


NoviSign provides a unique advanced editor for building rich digital campaigns, combining images, video, slideshow, and advanced widgets (such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Ustream and many more) together with the ability to split the screen according to the requirements of each campaign. NoviSign also provides a set of templates, based on the advanced editor that can serve as the basis for each campaign (sorted by industries, such as: academy, cafe and restaurant, food and drinks, public venues, and so on).Please refer to the following user guide and short video tutorial to learn more.


NoviSign provides easy-to-install players for Windows and Android. As shown in the tutorial videos, the last stage in creating a digital signage campaign is creating a ‘logical player.’ This process ends with a ‘player key’ that is a unique alphanumeric string that defines a given ‘logical player’ (one or more). This string needs to be copied to the proper location in the player. From then on, any change in the campaign will be (automatically and in less than a minute) reflected on the player. Note: this operation is ‘one time event!’  There is no need to repeat. Once a player is set with a ‘logical player’ unique string, all operations are performed by using the NoviSign SaaS platform. The players can be downloaded using the links below. The Android-based player can also be found on the market (Google Play), free of charge.

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