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NoviSign Partners Program

Do you have an experience in digital signage deployment? At NoviSign we understand the importance of partnership! Join our unique partners program, charge your own rates and manage your own private digital signage network with accumulating SaaS hosting revenue to grow your business.

Our Partners Gain More!

Integrate NoviSign’s innovative digital signage products together with content and other services to provide a specific, complete solution for your customers:

  • Present your own branding on your domain
  • Add and manage your users and licenses
  • Connect the online system to your website
  • Create profiles with the Studio, using templates and content that fit your brands and industry
  • Ask us for a custom new features or integration

Reseller Partners

Our reseller partners integrate NoviSign’s innovative digital signage products with content and other services, providing a complete solution for a customer. Sign up here to be a reseller – it takes only 5 minutes online!

Developer Partners

Our developer partners use the NoviSign platform to build widgets that make digital signage content development easier – and share the revenue of the sales of such widgets on our platform. Contact us to become a developer partner.

Technology Partners

Our technology partners certify the conformance of their hardware and systems to support our platform. This gives our customers peace of mind that all parts of their system will work together smoothly. Contact us to become a technology partner.

Digital signage reseller

High quality digital signage

Let your customers enjoy from everything Novisign has to offer, including unique advanced studio for building a rich digital campaing, and the best in the market Player App.

Manage your customers

NoviSign offers an easy to use management console and a great monitoring & reports system that will help you control your customers and help them with everything they need.

Digital signage partner
White label

White Label

Our Partners can set their own URL, logo, language, add their own templates and upload custom pictures and videos using NoviSign’s White Label solution.

Are you a good fit to partner with us?

NoviSign Reseller Partner must provide proof of experience in digital signage deployment, minimum purchase applies (by region and industry), and full compliance with the partner program.

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