Imagine sitting in a waiting room, eager to have your name called so you can see the doctor and quickly get back to your busy day. Patients typically associate health-related appointments with anxiety, old, already read magazines, and boredom. Today, however, healthcare facilities have a unique opportunity to not only engage clients in a new, innovative way, but they can actually change a visitor’s entire appointment experience through digital signage.

Health facilities can utilize the time patients spend in the waiting room to educate them on updated health information, new medical technology, seasonal medical alerts, new prescriptions or over-the-counter products on the market, and recommended vaccines, to name a few topics. When using NoviSign, facilities can broadcast videos, pictures, live news, and more to display:

  • Relevant and timely information to visitors
  • Directions to visitors and patients in the facility
  • The promotion of hospital services
  • Health and wellness information
  • Educational videos such as pre and post-procedure clips
  • Information on registration process
  • Miscellaneous information such as announcements, health notifications, waiting time until appointment

With the many templates available, editing features, and ability to control the screen from a remote location, digital signage is the obvious direction to take with your facility. Moreover, with the ever-changing public health needs, emergency messages can instantly be flashed across the screens placed around the facility at a moment’s notice.

NoviSign is so confident that our digital signage solution will increase customer engagement, cut down on your facility’s time and costs, and enhance the patient experience, that we offer a FREE TRIAL RUN.

Learn more about digital signage for Healthcare. Look at our case study of ANHC or at our case study of Hadassah medical center.