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Digital Signage Dashboard

Full access to NoviSign’s digital signage dashboard is full access to the monitoring & reports tool. Available from any browser at any time, this powerful tool offers you valuable insight into your devices, player status and performance!

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Digital signage dashboard


Gather play reports by month, week, day or any other set range of dates. All reports are generated in CSV format and include the total number of media plays, total play time and media type (video or image).


In seconds, you can see the general status of your screens and devices, online connectivity, recent playlist and time of content update and more. Start using NoviSign’s Digital Signage Software today to better track and manage your digital signage!

Media Statistics

You can run systematic reports that include details as: media name, media time, number of exposures per media, exposure time played and how many screens the media was shown on.

User Accountability

View the user and what media exactly they uploaded to what screen/device.

Player & Screen Status

Connectivity of all players, time of recent of the update, device name, operating system and player version.

Screen Availability

Snapshot of every player that you have installed, estimated total playlist time and what the current playlist time is.

What is the reports dashboard?

Using digital signage software to play content is great, but what if you cannot view the online status on the content or if your digital signage media player is connected? Included with NoviSign is full access to the reports dashboard. Once logged in you can track, view and run detailed reports.

Ready to start?

NoviSign supports Windows, Android and Chrome OS. You can start using it RIGHT NOW and switch to production at any time.

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