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Digital signage OS


NoviSign provides easy-to-install players for Windows, Android, and Chrome OS. Download our player, free of charge, and start broadcasting your digital signage with a 30-day free trial.

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Digital signage customers

Flexibility and ease-of-use at its best

Because we believe in flexibility, we offer you the ability to install and run our digital signage software on the industries best variety of
media player options Chrome OS, Android, and Windows.

In one-click, you can easily download our free NoviSign Digital Signage Software app and install it on your preferred operating system. Once installed you can instantly begin sending content to your display!

After you have set up your free 30-day NoviSign trial, you can send content to your player. As shown in step 7 of the tutorial videos, the last stage in creating your digital signage campaign is sending the content to your digital signage media player that is connected to your screen via an HDMI cable.

This process ends with typing in a ‘player key’ (that is a unique alphanumeric string) on to your media player. This process is one time. Once the ‘player key’ is added you will be able to update content from anywhere at any time remotely. All updates that you make will be wirelessly sent to the display within minutes!
You can download the players using the links below.

Digital signage software player

Digital Signage Media Players

Offering a low-cost of entry, our software runs 24/7 on both Android and Chrome OS players.
These players are reliable and approved to run NoviSign’s Digital Signage Software!

Chrome signage player

Chrome Digital Signage

Choose from a wide variety of proven reliable Chrome OS devices for digital signage. NoviSign’s digital signage software will seamlessly broadcast your content in stunning clarity while still maintaining maximum uptime.

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Android signage player

Android Digital Signage

NoviSign is a pioneer in Android Digital Signage. Our Android app is one of the most established digital signage apps available on the market today, enabling for superior performance, continuous streaming of content and easy download.

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