On this page we will concentrate all the training materials for the NoviSign Digital Signage solution: user guides, quick references, manuals and some training videos.
Feel free to ask us any question to help you get familiar with our Signage solution.

For Everybody:

Quick start for broadcasting digital signage to your Android/Windows device
How to install your first digital signage player? (18 minutes tutorial video)
Training Materials for Old Flex (Flash) Studio
Step by step, how to broadcast digital signage (30 minutes tutorial video)
Creative composer quick demo (1 minute brief video)
Studio guide (a detailed operational manual)
Creating polls guide
How to set up our digital signage games (user guide with videos)
How to set up our social widgets (user guide with video)
Proof of play – performance reports (quick reference)
How to use the sharing feature (user guide)
How to schedule a creative or a playlist (user guide)
Installing Android device manual
Installing Windows device manual
Installing Chromebox device manual
Installing webOS 3.x device (LG smart TV) manual
Recommended hardware for Android
Recommended hardware for Chrome OS
The most common 10 mistakes that prevent your playlist from running well
Tips & tricks

More about Players:

How to setup your Chromebox Device Management Console (and Kiosk mode)
How to put your non-managed Chromebox in Kiosk mode
Quick Reference for Android Player Settings
Quick Reference for Windows Player Settings
How to configure the Android media downloading best
How to put Android devices in showcase mode for visitors in your store (5 minutes tutorial video)
How to integrate an external device with the Android app (user guide)
How to rotate your Android screen without flashing a firmware (walkthrough)
How to upgrade your NoviSign Android app from remote (user guide)
How to make Kiosk mode? (2.5 minutes tutorial video)
How to synchronize separate units? (tech post)
How to remotely alter player’s settings (remote config)? (tech post)
How to add audience measurement camera to digital signage screen? (user guide)

Minix Players Knowhow:

Updating the Minix Neo X7 mini (8GB) firmware for supporting screen rotation (walkthrough)
Updating the Minix Neo X7 (16GB) firmware for supporting screen rotation (walkthrough)
Updating the Minix Neo X7 firmware for supporting portrait orientation (2.5 minutes tutorial video)

Learn More:

How to convert from one video type to another using Any Video Converter (2 minutes tutorial video)
How to convert from one video type to another using ConverterLite (3 minutes tutorial video)
How to convert a video to MP4 using AnyMP4 (1 minute tutorial video)
MP4 video for Android
Best practice for using media
How to rebuild your Adobe PhotoShop PSD files inside of NoviSign?
This is NoviSign (selection of YouTube videos featuring abilities & features)

For Partners:

Quick start page for partners
Partner’s tutorial for console management (4.5 minutes tutorial video)
Digital signage advertising system (walk through)
Partner’s tutorial for advertising system (7 minutes tutorial video)
Flavor feature: Create your own user profiles, templates and initial creatives! (user guide)
Partner’s tutorial for statistics reports (5 minutes tutorial video)


NoviSign’s mission is to provide easy-to-use and self explanatory software as a service (SaaS). In order to achieve that we have invested heavily in our software design in addition to self-guidance tools such as tutorial videos, user guides and Q&A, which we will update from time to time based on customer’s questions. We also recommend reading the Android-Based Devices list we provide as a service to our customers for those who use Android players. However, if you do not find the answer for a question at hand, wish to report a software defect, or suggest a new feature or functionality, please drop us a line to support@novisign.com, and we’ll answer within two business days

We are here at your service!

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