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NoviSign’s Digital Signage Software is a modern easy to use SaaS digital signage software for creating and managing digital signage. Any user, even one with limited IT experience can create, schedule and manage digital signage screens. Using our media-rich drag-and-drop widget-based web Studio, you can quickly create dynamic content for your corporate lobby, K12 campus, restaurant, employee communications, hospital, factory floor and more. The sign-up process is simple and self-explanatory. No servers or technical IT setup.

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Cloud-Based Digital Signage

Using NoviSign, your front desk receptionist, management team, marketing dept, HR or any else in your organization will be able to quickly and easily create and manage your digital signage! All is SaaS based, no need for servers anymore.

NoviSign’s digital signage software is designed in ‘layers’ from a basic image/video campaign, up to multi mixtures of images, videos, scrolling static text, slideshows, news tickers, weather, clock, RSS feeds and more.

Also included are cutting-edge widgets such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Ustream, games, polls, touchscreen, virtual que and website integrations for creating a rich environment of live and engaging content.

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Digital signage CMS

Digital Signage CMS Studio

Using the NoviSign Digital Signage CMS Studio, you can create, edit and manage your digital signage content. From any browser at anytime, you can make changes to content and remotely send the updates to any screen. You can create digital signage content from the included customizable templates or build new content from scratch. The design online Studio is easy to use and designed for the novice user!

Signage Widgets

At no extra cost, receive full access to over 20+ dynamic widgets. All widgets are drag & drop and do not require hours of technical integration. Simply choose your widget, add it the canvas and input your media.

We support PNG, JPEG, JPG, PPT, Google slides, MP4 videos and more. The widgets and easy implementation make NoviSign the perfect digital signage software.

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Digital signage scheduler

Digital Signage Scheduler

From any computer, you can remotely manage your entire network of digital signs. You can easily and swiftly preschedule your content or slides to update on specific dates and times automatically, set expiration dates or recurring play times. All content caches locally onto the media player.

Digital Signage Dashboard

Also included for only $20.00-month, you will receive full access to an entire digital signage dashboard that you can use to view the status and online connectivity of your players, run detailed media reports, gather proof-of-play statistics and more!

This powerful tool enables you to gather valuable real-time information about your screens and media. You can use this data to track and optimize your screen performance.

Digital signage dashboard
Digital signage interactive kiosk

Interactive Kiosk

With NoviSign’s digital signage software, you can also create engaging touch-screen kiosks! No coding or HTML5 setup. Add button and link it to open new pages of content, web pages, videos and more! The touchscreen widget is perfect for creating dynamic and fun interactive content for tablets, free-standing kiosks and touchscreen displays.

Digital Signage Integrations

One of the most effective ways to automate the process of information updates is through digital signage integrations. You can sync and display your data and content on your NoviSign digital signage displays by integrating with third-party platforms, APIs and KPIs. Integrations include dashboard analytics, O365, POS data and reports.

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Digital signage software player

Digital Signage Software Player

NoviSign can be installed and run on the industries best variety of digital signage media players: Android, Chrome OS and Windows. You do not need servers, advanced hardware, or a complex IT network. Simply purchase a device of your choice and install our app for free!

Search for “NoviSign” on the Google Play Store and Chrome Web Store.