If you want to watch a tutorial video (all the way from sign up till your signage device is up and running) of step-by-step how install your first digital signage player, please click this video link.

1. Sign up to get a new user at the sign up page.

2. Log in to your new account in the Studio. If you’re not redirected after the sign up, surf to the login page.

3. Upload your media, add your creatives, create a playlist and a player. The operational manual or the step-by-step video will show you how to.

4. Install your player device using the installation manual. The digital signage application can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play market (in case of Android), our download website (in case of Windows or Android) or from the Chrome Web Store (in case of Chrome OS) by searching “novisign” or by clicking here. If you have a Windows device, please follow this installation manual or this manual for Windows older than Windows 7. In case of Chrome OS device (such as Chromebox, Chromebit or Chromebase, use this installation manual.

Entrance page with the text box for typing your screen key5. In the application you need to replace the screen key (also called “player key” – this is the long hexadecimal text string which corresponds to the player which you created in the Studio on step 3) in the Android device you can also send it to the email which you defined in the Android device (on step 4), then copy it from the email message and paste it in the screen key text box which is in the entrance page of the Android application (copying and pasting in Android is being done by long left click on the line which you’re targeting, then the cut/copy/paste will appear in the top of the screen as clickable buttons). The easiest option is to use the name and password textboxes in the top right corner to type your username and password and then press the “Login” button, in order to access your account from the app. Once you see your account name instead of the text boxes, it means you’re in and clicking the magnifying glass icon right to the player key textbox, will bring a dropdown list of all the players from your account. You just need to choose one, rather than typing a screen key. Finally press the “Go!” button there.
Online Studio - copy screen key6. The player app will start downloading your playlist. In case of a big playlist it might take a couple of minutes. After all the creatives are downloaded, the player application will start playing the playlist which is associated with the screen key which you have typed there. In case of the old Air player, it will start playing the playlist immediately. In the first cycle it will play slow (since it will be downloading the media files at the same time), but the second cycle will be fine.

7. If you want to monitor your player remotely, you can log in to the Monitoring & Reports tool. If you want to learn more about the reports module, click here.

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