Supported browsers: Chrome. Can work on Firefox, IE 10 and IE 11 (however the import creative feature won’t work).

Supported image file types: PNG, GIF, JPEG and JPG (which sometimes looks more clear than PNG).

Supported video file types: MP4 (with AVC encoding) for the Android, Windows and Chrome OS apps.

Supported audio file types: M4A (with AVC encoding). When you add this into a blended creative (it behaves as a video), hide it behind another element on the canvas.

Recommended hardware: Click here.

Best practice for using media: Click here.

The most common 10 mistakes that prevent your playlist from running well: Click here.

How to upgrade your Android app from remote? Click here.

Remote control in Android: Click here.

Tip (video converting): You can use a freeware (such as ConverterLite) to convert your SWF/FLV files to MP4 files (or vice versa) easily. Please notice that the highest resolution you can use is the highest resolution your Android device supports (i.e. if it’s a 10” tablet with resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, you cannot run a 1920 x 1080 pixels video on it).

Tip (YouTube widget): To prevent an error on the screen or a black widget, in the creative composer when creating the blended creative, make sure that there is no overlapping between the YouTube widget and any other widget. If that doesn’t help, check that you have the latest updates of the YouTube application on your Android device. Also check that the Wi-Fi works, as if there is no internet available, probably the YouTube movie won’t play. Also, in case of Android player, check that you have the latest YouTube application.

Tip (no video): In case of black screen instead of video while the sound keeps playing, download and install the newest Adobe Air version.

Tip (upload problems): In case of “Error: IO failed (Error #2038)” when trying to upload files, close the “Upload media” window and then close the “Choose media” window. Try again. If you got it again, it means that you’re trying to upload more than your bandwidth will let you. Don’t upload more than 6 or 7 files together. Another limitation is the total size of all the files you’re trying to upload together. For instance (this is not accurate and depends in several environmental variables), if your internet upload speed is 0.5MB, then the limit will be 14MB; if your internet upload speed is 1MB internet upload speed, then the limit will be 50 MB and so on. If you get the error on Macbook, you’re probably using the Safari browser. Instead, use the Chrome browser.

Tip (import & export creative): Only with Chrome you can export a creative (only one at a time) and import it (NVC file) to another account. Before exporting, make sure that the blended creative is not shared with another user (if it is – unshare it).

Tip (caching and offline in Android and Windows): The player application downloads almost all the content to the player device. In Android, Windows and ChromeOS first it downloads all the creatives and then it starts playing. All the creatives are cached in the player device and can work offline, except The YouTube, FTP, web page, polls and game widgets. The web page widget can keep running on the player app offline as long as there is only 1 slide and the reload property of it is set to off.

Tip (small window): When using the player link in Windows, add “&debug=true” between the question mark and the string text which follows it. Now you’ll be able to resize the window. When using the installed application, on the application desktop shortcut, right click, choose “Properties” and in the Target field where you have the full path of the application (“…Player.exe”) add “- nofullscr”, so it will look like “…Player.exe” – nofullscr     Now you get a non full screen window, but this one is not resizable.

Tip (running player key from browser): Create an Html file (any name with the .html extension) with the following content:

<title>NoviSign Web Player</title>
<body><div style=”margin:0;0;0;0;”><iframe  src=””          frameBorder=”0″ width=”1024″ height=”768″/>
You’ll have to modify the file by changing the player key, the width and height (the value of the “width” and “height” tag properties) by trial and error. Maybe you’d like to change the background color (the hexadecimal color value of the “bgcolor” tag property). The “embed=1” means that the controls will be hidden and the auto-play will run. Double click this file from the PC which you want to play and it will start playing.

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