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QSR Digital Menu Boards

NoviSign’s quick-serve digital menu boards (fast food digital menu boards) software brings the power of suggestive selling to your menu while improving your restaurant efficiency by making it remarkably easy to edit and manage your menu!

  • Sell more food! HD food images will make your food look delectable
  • Decrease line times with easy to read bright and vivid digital menus
  • Promote your new customer loyalty programs and online ordering
  • A fully scalable, easy to manage cloud-based solution

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QSR Menu board
Quick serve menu board

5 Reasons You Need Quick Serve Digital Menu Boards

  • Improve Food Sales: grab attention and display a series of dynamic rotating daily specials
  • Maximize Sales: customize your menu and promotions based on location, season, and time of day
  • Upsell New Items: add images with promo pricing of your new tasty menu items
  • Advance Efficiency: pre-schedule your entire menu to auto-update per breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus pre-program your specials
  • Reduce Overhead: digital menus eliminate the need for printed menu

Your Total Solution for QSR Digital Menu Boards

NoviSign’s cloud-based online Studio allows you too easily and quickly design, edit and manage your entire quick serve digital menu boards from any computer at any time!

Combo Meals

Brilliantly feature and pre-schedule all of your meal deals to display in a concise and clean manner that is easy to read and organized.

QSR Digital Menu Templates

Create your digital menu from scratch or choose from our pre-made easy-to-edit templates. Your logo and branding requirements can be added.

Special Offers

Dedicate a specific screen or section of a screen to promote your limited time offers exclusively. This drives sales while reducing wait times.

Advanced Day Parting

Save time and improve efficiency. Pre-schedule your entire menu, specials, offers and promotions to update at specific times and days automatically.

Nutritional Facts

Stay FDA compliant and add calories, total fat, total carbs and protein details to each item. This can easily be done by using the NoviSign online Studio.

Promote Your App

Increase sales. Don’t forget to add a section to the screen that encourages customers to download your mobile ordering app!

QSR digital menu board

Comprehensive QSR Digital Menu Board Design Studio

Using NoviSign online design Studio, you can create nicely organized quick serve digital menus that list your entire menu, pricing, deals and nutritional information. The design Studio is very simple to use and includes a rich set of dynamic drag-and-drop features:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Text
  • Shapes & Background
  • Label
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • News RSS
  • Weather
  • Clock
  • URL
  • Rolling Text
  • Polls
  • YouTube

Additional Benefits

NoviSign’s QSR Digital Menu Boards for are a cost-effective solution to keeping your menu well-structured and likeable, all while helping you to sell more food!

  • Vibrant & Eye-Catching: Quick Serve Digital Menu Boards create a positive contemporary look and feel
  • Increase Ticket Average: schedule rotating images of food deals to auto-play at your peak times
  • Improve Your Branding: consistent branding improves customer loyalty and brand recall
  • Promote Your Social Media: encourage clients to connect with you via social media
  • Super Easy To Edit: from any computer at any time, edit and update your QSR Digital menu
Quick serve digital menu board

And how much does it cost?

NoviSign offers Digital Signage software as a service. Cost of the service is determined by the number of players you use. From only $20 a month, you can have your own dynamic screen in just a few moments.