Digital menu boards are only useful if they have a clean and well-designed layout. If designed properly digital menu boards can improve your customers experience while helping you sell more food.

From proper images to an organized digital menu design, it is important that you take the time needed to create your digital menu. Here’s a couple of items that you should keep in mind when designing your digital menu board:

  • Use HD images that are taken with a digital camera or 7+ cellphone
  • Add some form of motion, short clips of food items being served or made
  • Use adequate spacing between menu items, descriptions, images, and pricing
  • Excellent menu category breakdown
  • Make sure the layout is adjusted correctly

Let’s now take a look at digital menu board layout option that are effective and visually appealing:


  • chalkboard digital menu board
  • digital menu boards

Chalkboard Style Digital Menu Boards

  • Clean, modern look
  • Menu items are organized into categories
  • Several sections for rotating food images can be added
  • This design works well w/menus that contain lots of items w/minimal images
  • digital menu board
  • digital menu boards
  • digital menus

Color Combination Digital Menu Boards

  • Organize the menu categories by color-coded sections
  • Add rotating food image slideshows
  • This style is highly visible and easy to read
  • This look is smooth on the eyes and highly visible
  • Ideal for menus with many categories of food
  • QSR digital menu boards
  • digital signage for fast food
  • quick service digital menu boards

Quick Service Digital Menu Boards

  • Ideal for menus that consist primarily of food combinations/platters
  • This style is for smaller menus with fewer items work well for this style
  • Use HD food images with white background must be provided by client

Getting Started

Using NoviSign’s digital signage for digital menu boards, you will be able to easily and quickly create a custom digital menu board. Simply select a professional design digital menu board template then edit it. You will have the ability to add your menu’s items, descriptions, pricing, images and videos.

Also, you can add fun social media feeds to your content; Facebook galleries, Instagram and Twitter streams. By adding social media, you will be able to share live and fresh content!

Turnkey Digital Menu Boards

If you don’t have to time to make your menu or are looking for a professional design digital menu board let us know.

We offer full custom digital signage content design. For one flat rate, we can design a menu that is easy on the eyes and engaging. Your branding, colors, food images and menu items will all be creatively built into the digital menu boards design layout.

Motion Graphics

Bring your menu to life using motion! Also included with the digital menu board design is the option to add HD clips and videos of your food. You can either send us some clips to use, or we can pull some from our library of food animations and videos.