car dealership digital signage

NoviSign installation image of digital signage for a car dealership

Digital Signage for Car Dealerships is a modern visual communications tool that when used can help you increase your bottom line. Car Dealerships are using digital signage as a marketing tool to emphasize their dealer brand, upsell service packages and spotlight current sales. Digital Signage for the Auto Industry will help you stand out in today’s market. Let’s take a look at several fundamental ways that you can use digital signage for car dealerships, digital signage for oil change shops and digital signage for mechanics.

Dealer Showroom Digital Signage for Car Dealers

Sales and marketing manager can use car dealership digital signage as part of their sales plan. From creating a warm welcoming experience for new customers to spotlighting new promotions, digital signage for car dealerships is a fun and innovative way to create engaging experiences. By displaying digital signage on multiple showroom TVs you have a unique opportunity to easily and broadcast your marketing messages:

  • Short commercials and clips promoting new car models
  • New and used vehicles specials and promotions
  • Pre-Owned vehicles super sales
  • Exclusive new finance rates and plans
  • Scrolling ticker of information and news
  • Your dealerships story and history
digital signage for mechanics

NoviSign installation image of digital signage being used in the service department area

Car Dealership Digital Signage for Service and Parts Dept

Your service department is a vital part of your car dealership. By adding car dealership digital signage to your service area, you are adding to the customer experience by providing enjoyable infotainment that reduces the perceived wait-time. Digital Signage for you car dealerships service area can also be used to promote and cross-sell service specials and plans. Popular uses include:

  • Display weather forecasts and scrolling news
  • Add a digital menu of services and pricing
  • Highlight service programs and specials
  • Add a service management queue with customer wait times
  • Spotlight current sales such as a new oil change promotion

Digital Signage for Oil Change Shops

By adding a digital sign to your oil change shops lobby, you are creating a new way to interact with your customers. Digital Signage for Oil Change Shops is a great way to improve your customer experiences while upselling additional services. If you display fun content on the digital sign, you will keep your customer happy and entrained.

  • Wait for Que – add your customer’s name to the queue and include a countdown ticker of when their oil change will be
  • Car Trivia & Interesting Facts – add a series of rotating questions with answers about cars, this is an engaging approach towards reducing perceived wait times
  • Maintenance Tips – add seasonal best practice advice on car maintenance and upsell related services
  • Customer Loyalty – share information on your rewards program
  • Promotions –spotlight new service specials and coupons

Digital Signage for Mechanics

Turn your lobby TV into a sales and marketing machine! Digital Signage for Mechanic Shops is a useful way to sell more services all the better while improving your customer experiences. Mechanic Shop digital signage can be used to promote new maintenance programs and upsell additional services. You can add a series of widgets to the content that displays a variety of information, news, sales, videos, weather and more. Digital Signage for Mechanic Shops can be used to display:

  • Media slide shows rotating ads and specials
  • Commercials and other promotional clips
  • Local weather and news tickers
  • Custom scrolling messages of text

About NoviSign

NoviSign offers an easy-to-use all-in-one digital signage software for the auto industry.  From any computer, at any time users can edit, manage and update their digital signs content.  From adding multi-media slide shows, social media feeds, YouTube playlists, HD videos, scrolling tickers and images, you can use NoviSign for all of your car dealership digital signage needs. Pricing per screen is $20.00 a month. No contracts.


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