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Digital Signage Apps & Widgets

Straightforward and easy to add widgets that will bring your content to life! NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage software includes a rich tool chest of easy-to-use widgets for the creation of media-rich dynamic content. You do not have to be a graphic designer or have an IT background

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Total Simplicity with Drag & Drop Widgets

Choose from over 20+ widgets are simple one-click set-up and can be fully customized to meet your exact requirements. Popular widgets include:

  • Scrolling news feeds
  • Multi-component slideshows
  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
  • HD videos and Ustream
  • Website Integrations
  • Custom text tickers
  • Live weather and world clock
  • Interactive polls and virtual queue
  • Google Slides, Google Sheets
  • Touchscreen
Drag-and-drop widgets for digital signage

“We have over 200 electronic signs using NoviSign. We love it!”

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Point, Click, Drag and then Drop

If you have ever made a PowerPoint slide, then you are already a pro at creating content with NoviSign. You simply select the widget of your choice and drop it in the area that you want it to play. You can then resize, adjust settings, add media or text and with the click of a button your content will be live on the screen.

Live Widgets: real-time and live, these widgets stream from the web


CNN, ESPN, Reuters, BBC, stocks, health facts, weather alerts and more!


Add any video, your organization’s channel, or a specific playlist


Stream live videos: corporate events, large meetings, classes, concerts and more

Web Page

Add Google presentation, spreadsheet, your website, or any other URL to the screen

Web Image

Add any image via its URL to your content

Media Widgets: high definition and engaging, these will bring your content to life


Easily edit, adjust and resize any image, logo, or background


Create mixed media presentations: images, videos, slides, text and more


Attract, engage and inform with clips, commercials, or any other video


Pull media directly from any FTP and it to your playlist

Essential Widgets: you could not make anything without these

Scrolling Ticker

Add custom moving announcements, sales, news and more


Customizes with font style, size, color, bold, underline, italic and more


Create the perfect shape, arrow, or line with optional color and border

Weather & Clock

Choose from over 1,200+ cities for live weather and forecasts

Fun Widgets: engaging and interactive


Great for entertainment, choose from 5 exclusive games


Drive engagement while gaining insight with live polls


Real-time timer clock for sales, events and more


Line management meets digital signage


No extra cost, create a full touch screen kiosk!

Social Widgets: very popular, these widgets are easy to implement and fun


Add any gallery with option to include description and time


Pulls and play any selected #Hashtag image


Boost internal communication add your Yammer feed


Stream any feed or a choose a specific #Hashtag to stream

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NoviSign supports Windows, Android and Chrome OS. You can start using it RIGHT NOW and switch to production at any time.

Social Media Digital Signage Software Widgets

NoviSign allows you to create a live and fun social wall. This could be pictures of the people at your special event, meeting, open house, or concert. All they need to do is snap a picture having a great time, upload it with your chosen hashtag and the images then instantly display on your screen. What a great way to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

  • Zero integrations: all social widget are included with NoviSign’s digital signage software
  • Social walls: includes customizable pre-designed social media templates

Take a look at our social media wall widgets

Exclusive Digital Signage Games

Perfect for bars, clubs, special events, entertainment venues and driving employee engagement! With NoviSign’s digital signage software, you can use the phone to play NoviGames that are being displayed on the screen! Just scan a QR code that is on the screen, send an SMS to a number that appears on the screen or enter a URL and you can start playing. Your phone will be your remote!

  • Tic-Tac-Toe: play on the big screen
  • Sudoku: no need to pull out a pen and paper, play on the screen
  • NoviRace: who will get first to the finish line? Up to four competitors
  • 4 In A Row: digital version of the traditional board
  • SAY: great for bars, upload pictures of you and your friends with funny props

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The Ultimate Queue Widget

Virtual Line Management System that can be used with NoviSign’s Digital Signage Software

The perfect digital signage widget for mechanic shops, delis, hospitals, reception areas, and any other venue that issues waiting for tickets. The queue widget can be added to your screen. To call a number, the teller simply accesses a system generated URL to view the next number in line. To get a ticket, all that user has to do is visit a mobile-friendly URL (or scan a QR code) to get a number. No coding, no technical setup.

Virtual queue widget for digital signage

Ready to start?

NoviSign supports Windows, Android and Chrome OS. You can start using it RIGHT NOW and switch to production at any time.