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Pricing & Plans Guide

NoviSign – an inexpensive way to enhance customer experience and sell your product. No fuss. No bother. Update your information in seconds. And all this for only $20 a month. NoviSign offers Software as a Digital Signage service. Cost of the service is determined by the number of players you are using.



One month trial.

  • Fully Hosted
  • Online Studio
  • 2 File Conversions
  • 16MB File Size
  • 80MB Storage

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Price per screen.

  • Fully Hosted
  • Online Studio
  • 10 File Conversions
  • 100MB File Size
  • 500MB Storage
  • Ad Free
  • Performance Reports
  • Social Widgets

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  • Fully Hosted
  • Online Studio
  • 10 File Conversions
  • 500MB File Size
  • 10GB Storage
  • Ad Free
  • Performance Reports
  • Social Widgets
  • White Label
  • 100+ Screens

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More information

  • NoviSign provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that carries a monthly fee as outlined in the table above. Pricing is based on volumes of up to 50 players. Please contact us to obtain pricing if you require more than 50 players.
  • On sign-up, you create a user name and password for your campaign over the Web and begin setting up screens for broadcast.
  • Software for the player on the device can be downloaded for free at our support page or from the Google Play Android site or Chrome Web store.
  • The onsite screen is connected to NoviSign via the Internet. You will need a PC/Android/Chrome OS device to serve as a player.
  • Online file conversion – Other than image or video, you can upload special file formats, such as PPT, PPTX, PDF and more. NoviSign uses online convertor that converts those special formats into images than can be displayed.
  • As long as you are evaluating us, you can use NoviSign for free. After 30 days of evaluation, NoviSign logo and commercials will be added between your slides.
  • Storage – the “Max single media file size” and the “Max storage” is per user account. Having more than one player license under a user will increase the max file upload size up to max of 500MB for the user, calculated 100MB for any additional player under the user account. The total max file size per user is 500MB regardless of the number of players. So, having 3 licenses / players under one user would allow you to upload a 300MB max file and the total cloud storage will be 1,500MB / 1.5 GB (as each license comes with 500MB of cloud storage which pools together).

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