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Interactive Kiosk Software

In NoviSign, we specialize in online digital signage software. We provide our software in SaaS model pay per month per screen/player. All features are included in the monthly price. One of the interesting features that we recently developed is the interactive kiosk software. Using NoviSign from your web browser at home or office you can create, broadcast and manage one to many digital signage kiosks located in different sites.

Full screen touch kiosk to promote products and leave feedback in insurance company.
Zones configured as “touchable” for kiosk to share information and provide training and guidance.

Digital Signage CMS

The online Studio editor for building a rich digital campaign, combining images, videos, slideshow and advanced widgets, together with the ability to split the screen according to campaign needs.


NoviSign interactive Kiosk

Player to be installed on the touch device

Player app is the touch kiosk software running on the device. The player app can run on the hardware of your choice, it would download all the content from the NoviSign cloud and will remain in sync with and will be constantly reporting the statistics of the creatives to the NoviSign reports module.

  • What do you need to do?

    • Choose Player Touch device
      Choose the HW that you like to have as your kiosk. You should consider size, mount, style, quality, touch performance, screen resolution. The device you choose should be based on Android, Chrome OS or Windows (we have good experience with Chromebase, IAdea, ASTouch, TouchWo and Samsung tablets, but many other devices will do the job)
    • Build the content creatives and playlist
    • Broadcast to the kiosk devices and manage them remotely

  • How to start?

    • Choose the touch device which will fit your needs
    • Mount the device and connect it to the network
    • Sign up to NoviSign online Studio
    • Upload and create content in the Studio. Create playlists and touch scenarios and assign them to screens (players)
    • Mount the device and connect it to the network using LAN cable, WiFi or cellular network.
    • Install the app on the device and set the screen key to retrieve the content and sync
    • Monitor the kiosk performance using the NoviSign Monitoring & Reports online tool

    Contact NoviSign at any point in the process so we will be able to help you, online, free of charge, to set up the system at your site.

  • Additional options of the kiosk

    Other than setting the software for navigation by touch, you can:

    • Add to the kiosk QR, coupon, social feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yammer and more.
    • Connect the kiosk with a face recognition camera and set the playlist to respond to the people in front of the camera
    • Implement the IoT so the system will respond to events from sensors

Interactive kiosk in action
Corporate Lobby Touch Screen Wayfinding Demo
Touch Screen Hotel Concierge Wayfinding
Touch Screen Campus Digital Signage
Touch Screen Digital Signage for Senior Living Communities

? Feel free to contact us for any questions at

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NoviSign supports Windows, Android, and Chrome OS. You can start using it RIGHT NOW and switch to production at any time.