NoviSign provides a unique advanced online Studio editor for building a rich digital campaign, combining images, videos, slideshow and advanced widgets, together with the ability to split the screen according to campaign needs. NoviSign also provides a set of templates, based on the advanced Studio editor that can serve as the basis for each campaign (sorted by professional interest, such as the academy, cafe and restaurant, food and drinks, public venues, and so on). If you like to watch a full video tutorial, please click here. Following is a short demonstrating video of the online Studio editor.

The online Studio can do and has the following features:

  • It has your media library (videos & images which you upload from your PC)
  • Ability to create simple video or image creative
  • Ability to compose a cool rich blended creative, using the Creative Composer
  • Manage your playlists and content
  • Manage your players as individuals or in groups
  • Broadcast your content to any of your players out there, in real time
  • A rich variety of templates to build your creatives
  • Basic widgets for composing blended creatives: image, video, slideshow, ticker, shape, background, label and text
  • Advanced widgets for blended creatives: clock, weather, RSS, web page and countdown/up
  • Social and interactive widgets for blended creatives: YouTube, Ustream, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yammer, queue, polls and games