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Digital Kiosks

Digital Kiosks

Digital Kiosks are a great hardware option for applications in high-traffic environments that require an easily visible digital sign! Designed for commercial usage, this line-up of digital kiosks offers the dependability required.

UVP Digital Signage Logo

UVP Digital Signage

UVP Digital Signage Inc. is a leading supplier of commercial digital kiosks for the digital signage industry. UVP’s digital kiosks are competitive in quality and price.

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UVP Digital Signage
Meridian Logo


Meridian is an end-to-end digital kiosk provider and technology integrator, committed to developing innovative and total self-service solutions. Meridian understand that emerging technologies can positively impact growth and efficiency in any business and they work tirelessly to develop solutions that assist in that growth.

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Since 2006, Winnsen has been the leading supplier for the self-service solution with high security, product range covers secured cell phone charging station, parcel delivery locker, laundry locker, locker vending machine, Mini-Mart vending Kiosk, electronic locker, touch screen Kiosk, waterproof Kiosk, LCD digital signage, outdoor digital signage, etc. They are with the ability to offer you one-stop-shop services.

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Winnsen power station
SeePoint Logo


SeePoint provides the hardware and services necessary for a successful digital kiosk implementation. For over 15 years, SeePoint has been working with a diverse roster of clients, including Nike, Polaris Industries, CSL Plasma, Kaiser and the Getty Museum, reflecting SeePoint’s ability to deliver outstanding products.

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Makitso Logo


The Makitso experience is built around the idea of pairing functional design with simplicity to achieve a beautiful digital kiosk that is made just right. Never over-engineered, never-overpriced. Always guaranteed.

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Makitso stand