NoviSign has over 5000 registered customers using our digital signage platform for a myriad of different solutions in various industries. From large corporations to small local businesses, any company can easily set up cloud-hosted content for any number of digital signage screens. Below are some examples of our satisfied customers.
Digital signage at NASA


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the United States government agency responsible for the civilian space program as well as aeronautics and aerospace research. At this point you will not be able to find our screens floating in space, but we are very proud to show that one of NASA’s facilities at Houston uses them.



Disney Swan Dolphin resort digital signage
Disney digital signage



Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort engages guests with Chrome OS digital signage solution by NoviSign.


Hilton digital signage solution
Hilton digital signage



Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba, one of the global hotel chain’s premier five star locations, has extended their use of our digital signage software all over the property.


RCH Football Club
RCH Football Club digital signage


RCH Football Club (since 1911) from the Netherlands selected NoviSign. “Because of NoviSign’s narrowcasting program we are able to inform and provide our club members with all our news and info. A football scoreboard supplies everyone with the latest competition data and info. Super!” they said.


Alliance Soccer Club
Alliance Soccer Club digital signage

Alliance Soccer Club from the Netherlands chose NoviSign. “We thank NoviSign for their support and the use of their terrific and outstanding signage service. Because of NoviSign’s narrowcasting software we are able to inform and provide our club members with real time club info data. A soccer scoreboard for every team and live news tickers makes our club very dynamic in the way we present our information” says Bart.


Digital signage at ANHC




One of Alaska’s largest and most comprehensive primary care medical and dental practices deployed dozens of players across their campus to display news, schedule and public service announcements.


Hadassah Medical Center
Hadassah University Medical Center replaced a plethora of printed roll-up banners with a set of easy-to-configure digital signage screens that use the NoviSign Studio software, saving themselves work and the inconvenience of roll-up banners.


Clear Channel
Clear Channel digital signage



ClearChannel’s operation in France, their second largest advertising market outside the USA, uses NoviSign to communicate to employees on a daily basis across all 37 offices. “The system runs on Android, requires no work from the IT department to install and maintain, and is inexpensive. That is why we chose NoviSign”, explains Regis Taine, Technical Director.



Digital signage at Cliftons

This no. #1 provider of conference and training venues in Australia & New Zealand, is expanding the use of NoviSign as a key component of their venue services operations. “If rooms are unoccupied we can use the screens to broadcast advertisements, either helping to market our client’s other events or alternatively our own services,” explained Robert Boehmer, Chief Operating Officer.



Studio Antonietti
Studio Antonietti digital signage

Studio Antonietti from Novara city in Italy has started using NoviSign for broadcasting informaion as part of their Human Resource services. The company provides full one-stop-shop HR services for companies from Piedmont region in northwest Italy. Now they have added an electronic HR message board based on NoviSign solution. Seems that this is the last piece of puzzle to their complete HR solution as explained by Mr. Pietro Antonietti, the owner.



Real Time Display
digital signage at Real Time Display


This advertising network which is spread over many gas stations in the U.S.A. used NoviSign’s solution since “NoviSign’s user interface is far superior to any competitors. It is easier to use and more flexible. Second, the system is extremely reliable and stable”, said Managing Partner Michael Pauly.



Digital signage at Screens

A couple of young Israelis decided they’re going to conquer the night scene of Israel: pubs and bars. They established an advertisement company and started with Tel Aviv. After Tel Aviv they started spreading to other major cities. Nowadays, having screens in a local pub is a mandatory. So why having only soccer games and fashion TV? Why not having commercials, local commercials? Pub’s announcements and signage gaming as well? They’re here to stay.



Beth Or
digital signage at Beth Or



This 60 year old religious and community organization used Novisign to become “greener, remove a messy sea of signs, posters and directional aids from the lobby, improve awareness of events”, said Executive Director Amy S. Adams.



Church religious institutions digital signage

St. George & St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox church



St. George & St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox church in Ottawa, Canada has moved to the next age of signage by adopting NoviSign digital signage solution. The Android digital signage allows the church to deliver messages, photos and alternative communication with the believers. Click here for more information about digital signage for sanctuaries.


Digital signage at World's Christian Endeavor Union

World's Christian Endeavor Union

World’s Christian Endeavor Union, a religious Christian guesthouse network & schools of 29 countries around the world is using NoviSign’s Windows based digital signage as a solution for their guesthouse which serves northern part of Germany. “We can set the date and time exactly for the guests’ stay here. We also use the app for information about the house, like times for the meals or opening time of the little kiosk”, said Mr. Ralf bethke from the Endeavor Union.



Digital signage at Ohalo

Ohalo College Ohalo

Established in 1964, this leading teacher training college focuses on sports, music and other teacher training curricula. “NoviSign installation was easy and fast – NoviSign staff did not even need to be on site”, says CIO Uri Livne.




Digital signage at Claremont

Claremont day school

Claremont School is an independent school in East Sussex, UK. We have several schools across the East Sussex area and needed a way to provide up-to-date information to students and parents within the school. “Teachers can now edit the content on the screens quickly and easily”, said Andy Clifton, their IT manager.



Digital signage at Katy School

Katy Independent School District

Katy Independent School District is the leader in educational excellence, together with family and community, provides unparalleled learning experiences designed to prepare and inspire each student to live an honorable fulfilling life. It is a flourishing suburban school district that encompasses 181 square miles in southeast Texas. NoviSign screens located throughout the campus use to pass information, messages and educational content.



Digital signage at Simplicity Marketing Solutions studio

Simplicity Marketing Solutions

Simplicity Marketing Solutions is a digital signage provider headquartered in Clayton, North Carolina. They currently have 72 screens in their growing network. About a year ago they began having compatibility problems with their previous software provider and needed to find another solution for their signage. “The differences between NoviSign and the competitors were like night and day.” says Mr. Scott Quigley, Simplicity’s operations manager.