Live Social Templates

NoviSign’s live social templates lets you present a live, dynamic slideshow of pictures and texts broadcast online from Instagram, Twitter, Yammer or Facebook. You are welcome to choose one of our pre-designed social media templates, insert your chosen hashtag or account and you’re ready to go! With the simple drag & drop Studio which NoviSign offers, designing a social screen online becomes a fun activity.

NoviSign’s live social walls can be used for all types of events: festivals, weddings, performances, parties, proms, concerts, conferences, contests and more. We offer you a new and exciting way to take your event to another level and to give your guests or audience a unique, unforgettable experience.

Click here for more specific templates for menu boards and education.

Choose your social template, adjust it and start broadcasting today!

Social template for InstagramPreviewInstagram

Adjust the settings to always present the most recent pictures on your screens, so your customers will always have something new to look at! Create a beautiful presentation with spectacular images based on pictures that your customers uploaded to their Instagram account.

Social Instagram and TwitterPreviewInstagram & Twitter

Create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere that is unique and memorable! Publish the latest content from your site by sharing online content from Instagram and Facebook taken by visitors.

Twitter and RSSPreviewTwitter & RSS

Your screen will become the most actual news channel by presenting the hottest and the latest news content, along with current Tweets of journalists and politicians.

Twitter and InstagramPreviewTwitter & Instagram

Interactive experience: Let people to communicate on your screen by combining content from Instagram and Twitter on a specific topic. All you have to do is choose and advertise an appropriate hashtag word  and the screen will be updated online with the latest content that will contain this word.


The President does not need to visit your business in order to be a part of it! Select a Twitter account of a celebrity, public figure or anyone you want and you’ll have a dynamic presentation of the content and the images that will include this account.


Encourage your guests to take pictures of themselves having fun! Display a dynamic slideshow of pictures that reflects the experiences of the people that have arrived to your venue.

Instagram and slideshowPreviewInstagram & Slide-Show

Create unique engagement with your guests or audience by presenting a live and dynamic slideshow of the pictures of the people taking part in your event. Cover your costs by adding a slideshow with all of your sponsors and your event becomes more profitable.


Control your screen from your Facebook account! Create a beautiful slideshow based on one of your Facebook albums. And guess what?! You will be able to update this slideshow straight from your Facebook account!


You can start using it right now and switch to production at any time

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