Digital Signage is spreading to areas, and business types that didn’t we haven’t been used to see in the past. Digital Signage left the extra large organizations, multinational companies and very large public sites (airports, transportation hubs) and gradually picking up customers in the Small and Medium Businesses along with local venues such as education (Colleges, schools and even day care centers).

Selling huge Digital signage project use to be in the same scale as selling software and Hardware Project to Telecom service provider – Long process, involving different experts from different disciplines, and … expensive, very expensive. Changes in the past few years, like reduced cost of H/W (Screens, Players), introduction of Modern SaaS as the main Digital Signage technology, together with a drop in Broad band prices, had led as mentioned above, other (and smaller) businesses to look for Digital Signage solutions.

These new businesses, becoming new Digital Signage customers are looking for a different type of sell process. Instead of long process, with expensive results that these kind of businesses will not be able to cope with, it should be on f the two:

• Web based solutions – a small business is looking for Digital Signage solution. he looks it up on the web, finds the right vendor and implements by himself, for himself – this option fits ‘early adopters’ and/or businesses with IT capabilities or an IT department/service

• ‘Friendly’ System integrator and/or service provider – The general concept is that these service providers (can be small and local or even nationwide spread companies) that already have Small and Medium businesses in their customer base, and especially the ones which already provide ‘Cloud based Services’ (IT outsource professionals, security and alarm installers and such). This type of vendors can be perfect for distribution of digital Signage for the new markets that are now opened up for this service. Everyone wins – the Service provider gains new offering and additional revenue and the clients get added value in reasonable price and simple sale process.

Digital Signage world is changing and so are the sale channels.