As digital signage enters all commercial Areas we can safely say that this media for information and Sales Promotion is hear to stay. Studies had proven that captive audience, such as people in waiting areas (Doctor’s Office, Travel agencies, Other service providers) is much more open to the information presented on dynamic screens than in brochures and static pictures.

We can easily spot that in the recent few years, with the significant drop in Hardware prices, broadband spread, and the flexibility of modern digital signage software, many businesses, mainly Small and Medium sized, had decided to implement digital signage solution. Digital Signage for travel agencies is one of the most ‘natural’ implementations.

The eulogy for the local travel agent office was, as in many other businesses, a bit premature. These venues, according to annalists should have been long gone, and moved their operation to the web. Well, it happened, but not as they expected. Most business trips are indeed booked on-line, but a significant proportion of vacation bonking, mainly if combines hotels, rental cars and travel, are booked at the agency, leaving a room for intelligent Digital signage for Travel agencies to come in effectively.

Imagine the Travel Agency presenting their latest offers on screen, with vivid live colors, maybe one or two families telling about their last vacation, including tips.

But the real high light can be allowing the service providers – Hotel chains, Airlines (national and international), Car rental companies – presenting their Lat Minute offerings. Sure, you can find these on the internet, but once you are already in a travel agency, with the right set of mind of booking a vacation, you see the screen offering you (In a shape of coupon, or just info) something that can be valid for the next few days or even hours… this might have a dramatic effect. Digital Signage for Travel Agencies, serves much more than a simple information/promotion media tool, it is additional sales force!

So be spontaneous – Digital Signage for Travel agencies can bring you closer to you next vacation, or at least, help you sell one…