Digital Signage is spread everywhere these days, we can see screens appearing and surfacing in all known business, commercial and public areas. The owners of these premises had realized that Digital Signage is simplest and moreover the most efficient way to communicate with the customers and visitors in these public areas.

The Digital Signage industry is changing its face, and becoming more and more common, mainly due to:
– Prices of software are dropping due to Cloud Computing and Digital Signage Software official product providers as opposed to ‘by product’ software that we used to see years ago
– Prices of Digital Signage Solution are dropping sue to the cost effective Digital Software Prices, and no less because of the dramatic reduction in the cost of Hardware (Screens, PCs, other players) and Broad Band

as mentioned, these Changes in the Digital Signage market are clearly visible in most commercial area, but it seems like one area has been neglected … Education.

We can start as early as kinder gardens… Are you familiar with the endless ads people stick on the fence? From Commercial Adds for kid’s shows and other activities through Nannies and Babysitters looking for work and vice versa (Families looking for Babysitters and Nannies) and official Municipal and Educational messages… isn’t it about time we clean up this mess and move for 21st century Digital Signage solution?

Schools are no less relevant. from Simple messaging to students and staff to important and useful information and even social impact – imagine the class trip picture presented, and even more – a short movie of the dramatic the last minute shot in the basketball match against the sworn enemy – the second High School in town. It can even have educational impact. A student or two can get the formal responsibility on this Digital Signage instead of the old billboard, and make the maximum of it. All it requires is some technical background, good taste and creativity.

Last but not least are the colleges and Universities. In this area we can already see seeds of Digital Signage usage, but it is seems conservative and low utilization of what Digital Signage has to Offer.

Seems like there is a room for Education on Digital Signage for the educational institutions