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Digital Signage for Colleges and Universities

Signage and bulletin boards are a thing of the past. Colleges, private institutions, technical trade colleges and local community colleges now can easily and quickly make changes to digital signage for colleges and universities. From your computer you can remotely create and send content to your colleges screens; campus updates, class schedules changes, important on-demand notifications and more!

Campus-Wide Communication

Unify your campus communications with college digital signage! Set up campus wayfinding kiosks, lobby and room signage, and cafeteria digital menus boards across your colleges campus. Post updates and notifications, advertise events and show real-time social media feeds and to keep everyone up-to-date on your schools day to day operations!

Notifications and Announcements

Broadcast on demand time sensitive information to keep your students aware of last minute class schedule changes and school updates

Admin Control

Create sub users, assign licenses and set user access privileges using an Enterprise level management console

Emergency Alerts

Connect your college alerts system with the screens for instant emergency notifications such as building lockdowns, active shooter or weather warnings

Database and RSS Feeds

Connects your schools internal RSS streams, intranet sites, and SQL databases to streamline content and user management

Department Information

Set up localized per department screens that share targeted notifications, event listings and media to your screens

Cafeteria Menus and Athletic Screens

Spotlight your campus dinning options digitally with digital menus. Set up screens to promote upcoming games, scores, and highlights

Cloud Based Digital Signage Software for Colleges

Remotely access and control your screens securely using NoviSigns digital signage for colleges. Using the customizable templates users of any skill level can easily set up their content and send it to any screen. Preschedule your slides and playlists to auto play on defined times and dates.

Using the drag and drop widgets, you can set up the perfect college digital signage screens that feature any combination of:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Ticket
  • Shapes & Background
  • Label
  • Twitter
  • News RSS
  • Weather
  • Clock
  • URL
  • Text
  • Pools
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Foyer Welcome Screens

Go big and create large video walls that welcome and inform students. Share vivid and engaging 4k videos, vital campus related news and updates. Include your colleges social media feeds from Instagram and Twitter to drive social engagement.

Improve Staff and Professor Communication

Digital signage in universities can also be used for internal communication between staff members. Display headline news, school newsletters, meeting times, and upcoming events on screens installed in the workplace and break rooms.


CANVA, Google Slides, SharePoint and PosterMyWall

Directly pull your slides and media from external sources within one click. Simply link your account and you can begin designing your content then with in seconds send it to your screen! This streamlines the design process and eliminates users from having to learn a new platform, as NoviSign integrates with multiple systems.

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NoviSign supports Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Samsung Tizen and LG webOS. You can start using it RIGHT NOW and switch to production at any time.

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