Numerous discussions and publications have reached the conclusion that Digital Signage is no longer a business for the ‘Big Boys’ only. Not only corporate and government owned or managed venues can enjoy Digital Signage, leaving behind traditional paper/tin/wood signs that remain up, long after they become irrelevant, small and medium businesses are adopting Digital Signage. The growth is tremendous. Some of these businesses have their own IT capabilities and some use small system integrator (SI) and IT outsourcing companies.

Whether Internal IT departments or external contractors, the goal is always the same – implement Digital Signage in a cost-effective way but without compromising on quality! No business, no matter how small, will agree to (what does this mean here? Did I guess right?) Digital Signage as mere “window-dressing” on its premises. IT Departments and IT outsource vendors are seeking Digital Software solutions that enable complete SaaS solutions promising reasonable costs, maximum software flexibility, and professional editing capabilities.


One of the key features these customers are looking for is Digital Signage widgets. Some vendors provide composers that allow their users to create their own dynamic content. A graphic designer is always welcome on board to provide professional design, but even the best designer will not provide rolling text or weather widgets. Implementation of these important differentiations results in a great outcome – and the key to success. Easy-to-use Digital Signage widgets are exactly what implementers that work for SMBs (internal or external) are looking for.

Digital Signage widgets such as weather, tickers (static or external RSS), external feeds (YouTube, Web site, and RSS), clock and many more are the components that make a successful Digital Signage project.

Digital Signage Widgets – it USED to be hard. Not anymore.