When we are thinking on the phrase ‘Digital Signage’ usually an Airport, large Bank or McDonald’s comes to mind as the first association, we then realize that Digital Signage has spread across many different areas of our lives, and is no longer a luxury ‘toy’ for the sole use of large organizations and Companies. The prices for Digital Signage ‘ingredients’ had dramatically dropped over the last few years – Screens, Broadband, players and together with Modern Digital Signage SaaS, made it available to almost any type of business at any size and budget.

Digital Signage for Sport Venues is implemented only in few ‘early adopters’, although the same rules apply – it is now available for National Stadiums, as well as local High School Baseball courts. The advantages in implementing digital Signage for Sport Venues are enormous. Obviously I’m not talking about using it to present scores, these are different systems. The advantage of dynamic Digital Signage for Sports venue is in promoting business around the sports event, and by that providing added value to the customers – the crowed in these sports event, from the dozens of thousands in national games, to eager parents in the ‘little league’.

The basic advantage for the vendors is a dynamic space (actually – ‘air time’) to promote their business, from food and drinks through team’s products fro fans, and even global brands, like Coca Cola and Pepsi. But this is a bit simplistic, and the advantage of Digital Signage over the legacy signs is fully utilized. The main idea would be to ‘join the game’. The Digital Signage operator can declare on a ‘free beer’ for the people seated in seats that the seat number ends it ‘7’, only if the blue team scores in the second half! Imagine the buzz around this event. The different vendors can also use the dynamic nature of Digital Signage to provide ad-hock offerings, such as a 50% on Hot-dog for every one who purchased a genuine ‘fans scarf’ of the red team. The options are endless, and the Digital Signage for Sport venues integrator can and should their own imagination to offer these kind of added value options to their customers.

Digital Signage for Sport Venues – Becomes part of the game!