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Digital menu boards

Learn how and why digital menu boards are being used today!

With the recent FDA regulations going into effect many restaurants around the United States are turning to digital menu boards. From being easier to update to offering you the ability to sell more food, digital menu boards are a new and fun way to display your menu! Let’s take a look at 9 key reasons why restaurant are using digital menu boards.

1. FDA Requirements

As of May 7th, 2018 the FDA requires that all calories must be listed on the menus. Digital menus provide restaurants with an easy way to cleanly display and manage calorie count listings.

2. Easy-to-manage

With digital menu boards software you can make on-the-fly edit and updates from your computer. From basic price updates to adding new items, when using digital menu boards you can manage your entire menu!

3. Increase per ticket orders

Because people are visual you can use digital menus to beautifully display HD / 4K images and videos of food combo, deserts, special drinks, appetizers and other items. Consider adding special sale price to the items you choice to feature on the digital menu board.

4. Dayparting menus

With digital menus you can preschedule your different menus to play on and specific dates and times. An example of this is scheduling your breakfast menu to play from 8AM – 11AM then automatically switching to your afternoon menu to play from 11AM-4PM. You can also schedule specific ads or specials to play on the digital menu boards at a specific time. Say every day between 3PM – 5PM you play Happy Hours specials on the digital menu boards.

5. Remotely control the menus

With digital menus you can update every screen from anywhere at any time. All that you need is a computer connection. This enables you to eliminate the cost of costly static menus, employee errors, plus saves you time! All changes that you make wirelessly update on to the sign with in minutes!

6. Decrease perceived wait times

By adding fun and engaging infotainment to the digital menus such as fun facts or trivia you can reduce wait times. In conjunction with this add short clips and slides of food advertisement’s and specials in with the digital menu boards content.

7. Improve branding

Use digital menus to enhance the way your brand is perceived. Make sure to use HD images, a clean and modern menu board layout and adding a consistent color theme to your menu. Click here to learn best practices on digital menu board design.

8. Save Money

Regular static menus take time to print plus cost money to ship and install. Use a digital menu board to save time and money! In addition, you have full control over the layout and can make updates whenever needed.

9. Quick to make

Choose either from a customizable digital menu board template or create a menu from scratch. When choosing a template all that you have to do is add your items, prices and images. Once complete you simply send it to the digital menu.


About NoviSign 

NoviSign is a cloud based digital menus software provider. From any computer at anytime you can create your digital menu’s, remotely update and manage the menu. A library of designer made customizable digital menu board templates, advanced scheduling module and drag-and-drop widgets are NoviSign’s digital signage software.

If you have questions send us an email anytime!

Simply purchase any TV of your choice and connect it to any Chrombit, Android or Windows media players. Once setup install the free NoviSign app and log-in to you NoviSign account.

NoviSign also offers turnkey systems that includes digital menu design and set-up. This option is ideal for restaurants that are looking professionally designed digital menus.

Check out this example of our touch screen digital menu ordering system:


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