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About Alladin Restaurant, Erfurt

Alladin Restaurant is a fast food restaurant for very fresh and delicious oriental food with a very big variety of freshly cooked to order dishes.
It is located in the heart of Erfurt City, Germany.

Influenced by the negative impacts of the COVID19 Pandemic, the number of customers significantly decreased and during lockdown periods, only take away food can be supplied.

Alladin counterdesk menu boards

The challenge

Creating a Digital Signage Solution for Digital Menu Boards and adding an order information system that shows the remaining time to complete all placed orders with their individual order numbers on the screen so that all customers can follow up on their order progress in live time. Design of an attractive, animated content to display on several screens.

NoviSign together with the restaurant owners had to develop and design a Digital Signage Solution concept consisting of different content on different screens, in order to attract bypassing potential customers and motivate them to order food in the restaurant.

Investment of less than 1,000 Euros for the hardware and implementation to match customer budget.

What had to be Done

To begin with, the customer had to decide what hardware (displays and players) shall be used. NoviSign, with its capabilities to work on almost any screen and system, allowed the customer to buy low cost screens and players. These were bought and installed directly by the customer to stay within the targeted budget.

The spots for the installation were clear because the NoviSign solution replaced existing non-digital menu boards into a digital solution that supports a professional and very flexible digital display and ordering process.

After installing the right hardware we moved on to synchronize our software according to the client’s needs, to bring the hardware to life.

The Solution

Alladin eMenuNoviSign has been installed on several players / screens to display the menu and sample pictures of the delicious food, including animation and display of third party products like ice cream, beer and beverages.
The solution was connected to the cashier system that the customer uses and the unique order numbers that the cashier system generates are displayed on top of the menu screens as scrolling text, showing the customers the remaining time until their order is ready for pickup at the counter.

Strong Collaboration

Alladin digital menu boardTogether with the customer, NoviSign has managed to design the solution and install several displays, designed suitable content and displayed it in an attractive way to bring people into the restaurant and to attract them with a great service and information on all items that are on the menu.

Alladin Restaurant has subscribed to the Novisign software, enabling them to independently update the content easily and from anywhere, supplying an attractive solution to impress their customers.

The Results

Due to the deploying of NoviSign solution, Alladin Restaurant attracts more customers. The customers like the way how food and beverages are displayed on screens which is a great help for them doing their choice of what they would like to order.

While waiting for their order to be freshly cooked, they are always informed live time on the remaining time until their order will be ready for pickup at the counter.

While waiting, they can watch the content and animation on the screens which motivates them to come back again and try other food as well. Revenues have stabilized in these tough Corona Pandemic times.

Alladin restaurant digital signage


The Shop Owner:

“The hardware installation was very simple, because NoviSign works with a very big variety of Hardware and Operating Systems – this helped us to buy hardware within our available budget – NoviSign even operates well on existing screens that we already had”.

“NoviSign as a complete digital signage solution was our perfect choice because it helps to easily create very attractive content, including animation and connection possibility to our cashier system to manage and display the order flow and order delivery in real time.”

“The possibility to design dynamic and animated content is a great possibility to add advertising for products of our suppliers of beverages. These suppliers pay us a monthly advertising support budget for displaying their products – so the NoviSign solution basically pays for itself”.

The Project Manager, Rodny Scherzer:

“It was a great challenge and fantastic experience to implement this on a limited budget and with a very wide functionality. This specific case is a great example of how powerful and individually adjustable, the NoviSign solution really is and that it can be used by any restaurant owner even if the available budget is limited”.

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